New Mass Effect Potentially Set in Another Galaxy, Focused on Planet Exploration

It seems that there might be a large shift in what players may experience in the next Mass Effect game to be released.

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mhunterjr1958d ago

Wait, in the mass effect lore, had any species left the Milky Way?

fanta_claus1958d ago

Maybe it takes place further into the future, where intergalactic travel is possible, and species from this galaxy start interacting with species from another (most likely the Andromeda).

VanguardOfCalamity1958d ago

Not sure about lore and other galaxies but if you think about how long the reapers were around (although I'm not sure they ever specified exactly). There was the derelict reaper from a battle fought over "39 million years" prior if I remember correctly and they do the whole harvest thing every 50,000 years that gives you an idea of how long they have been around as well as how many harvest there have been. Who is to say that some wouldn't leave the Milky Way and travel to the Andromeda Galaxy or others and spread their message of peace and understanding XD

Menkyo1958d ago

none of your read the article because they've said this will take place during Shepard's lifetime but wont involve him/her.

DOMination-1957d ago

That isn't confirmed at all. Its just a speculation basef on something Michael Gamble said. It might end up being right but they actually refused to answer the question about timeline.

pandehz1958d ago

Both of you need bed rest

NukaCola1957d ago

Not both. Same person. Needs therapy.

On topic. Serious should go somewhere fresh.

XiMasterChief1957d ago


We are not da samesc peoples.

LordMaim1958d ago

I don't need Shepard, but without the rest of the established races and lore, this decision disappoints me.

mhunterjr1958d ago

That doesn't bother me, they could simply establish new species and lore... and if they were brave they could get away from the 'humans are the center of everything' cliche...

Summons751957d ago

Its not a cliche... We're human we can relate to what a human character goes through especially if you create a new species correctly then it will be hard to relate. If you have a new race acting too human then the immersion is gone.

mhunterjr1957d ago


So you're advocating for content creators to continue to take the easy way out. The idea that we are to shallow to ever consume content that doesn't take us out of our comfort zone is a sad one...

And yes it is a cliche'

Paprika1958d ago

Alternate dimension? No, bad idea! But hey, maybe if there was mass effect 3 had a good ending! Seriously though, anything mass effect I can't wait for!

Matt6661958d ago

It did have a good ending, there was no actual proof that shepard was still alive by the time you played though the story

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The story is too old to be commented.