JM | The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 4: Amid The Ruins Review

"Telltale Game‘s The Walking Dead proves it can tell a story good enough to live alongside the comic and television adaptations. Unfortunately, Amid The Ruins isn’t a good representation of that statement."

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matrixman921957d ago

Is this a joke? I can't tell

Magicite1957d ago

Nevertheless I will get whole season 2 once episode 5 releases.

Wolfgang1871957d ago

3 out of 10? that's a pretty ridiculous score. while they all cant be home runs and this one isn't, its certainly much better than a 3. 6.5 at the absolute worst

BenRage31957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

It was a good episode. There is a tendency for people to jump on the hate bandwagon, and sadly the dislike for this episode is gaining some steam. I'm glad I never read reviews for the walking dead before I play them, because I do not want my judgment colored by someone else's opinion. Play the game and decide for yourself.

There were some frame rate issues, but I had more technical issues with season 1 to be honest. Maybe I got lucky, but it didn't affect the gameplay for me.

The episode was as good as the previous season 2 installments. And I felt like I really got to know Jane, who has turned out to be the most interesting character of the entire season. 9/10