Discover Five Secrets Of Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishment

The brilliant British crime fighting detective Sherlock Holmes is back to solve the case of the century.
Set in London England's 19th century, you must take on the role of Sherlock to decipher the innocent from the guilty.

Carefully looking through crime scenes and talking to suspects is crucial to solving the case as a wrong verdict could send an innocent to the hangman's rope, leaving the guilty to wreak have on London's citizens yet again.

With so much mystery behind the upcoming sleuth, discover 5 need to know secrets about Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and punishment before September's launch date.

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alvinmiller921960d ago

This looks very interesting, I just hope its not another murdered soul detective. That game sucked big time.

EdnaJones971960d ago

Totally agree. Not much options out there, so gladly welcome something different to play.

Frankskint1960d ago

Comparing Murdered Soul Suspect to Sherlock Holmes is like saying fish tastes like chicken. From the gameplay trailer, I think this is going to be the detective game we have all been waiting for.

henrythomas2841960d ago

I find games like these to be boring and lacking substance, give me COD any day over this.

charliewong9801960d ago

Brilliant, really looking forward to playing this.

ArronNelson1960d ago

U r joking right @henrythomas?