First real-time screenshots of The Last Hope?

Microsoft has held an RPG conference today in which Star Ocean: The Last Hope was announced for the Xbox 360. In the conference an all-new trailer of the game was shown to the press, and probably featured the first real-time footage. It is still unconfirmed, but if the following are indeed real-time shots the game is going to be very impressing.

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Syko3782d ago

Wow...Speechless. Hard to believe that is In-Game though. But if it is, it will be the best graphical RPG ever!

decapitator3782d ago

It looks great but this is SE so you can't even tell which is which. But if this is in game, it does look amazing.

CrazzyMan3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

IF these images are INGAME. =)
THIS is what i call a NEXTGEN.
Feel THE DIFFERENCE between HD and NEXTGEN. =]

shazam3782d ago

in fact i remember seeing them on n4g like half a year ago.
i also doubt they're ingame.

damrightfresh3782d ago

cgi thats for sure..and why do people assume its a xbox360 exclusive?? do you think Microsoft going to announce its also for the PS3 at their own conference?? Just look at last remnant it says xbox360 but it beeen anounced for the ps3 already..

CrashSharc3782d ago

wow, enough bloom??? My eyes hurt with that third pic...

Nevers3782d ago

up on XBL Marketplace (US) right now... I went home cuz I heard there might be a demo for Revenant up (NO as of yet)

Anyway... it was fraggin' amazing! Blew my mind. Can't wait. I'm totally new to Star Ocean but the trailer sold me.

SteveUrkel3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

to anyone interested; here are HD versions of the same screens
definitely real-time from looking at the tree and sign in the gas station pic. damn this game is purdy :)

LiQuid revOlvEr3781d ago

nice like the gs station pic

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jkhan3782d ago

WOW, just wow, I mean if those are really ingame then damn I am amazed:|

predator3782d ago

amazing now we know why they wanted to work on just one console so they can push it as far as possible

green3782d ago

Do you really think that is ingame?It sure looks amazing.I will tell myself it's CGI so that i don't get to excited.

decapitator3782d ago

You so far up their.....that you did not even read what is really happening. First off, this is CG bro. and secondly, Microsoft paid them to make it timed on 360. Thats all.

predator3782d ago

sorry you couldnt be more wrong read up about these screenshots then come back and say sorry, they have been proven in game by famitsu. go over to gametrailers forums and see for your self

poopface13782d ago

Ive always been able to tell and this looks like polygons to me. Look at the tree, and the hair. that is not cgi.

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mintaro3782d ago

son of a b* that really in-game?

Darkiewonder3782d ago

no. It's CG but it should be fairly close in motion.

Gun_Senshi3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

said they are unsure if they make it on PS3. They are waiting for MGS4 Sales :D

Edit: How can you disagree? Check the front page for the SE Said Unsure if they make it on PS3. They also said before they are waiting to see big games sale's on PS3.
Insecure trolls that NEVER played Star Ocean.