First Glimpse of Male and Female Armor Designs in Next Mass Effect

Hardcore Gamer: During Bioware's "Charting a Course: Developing the Next Mass Effect" panel at Comic-Con, the first glimpse of male and female armor in the next Mass Effect were shown off.

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ValKilmer1733d ago

Is it weird that I want to play as the female?

Remy_Chaos1733d ago

Nope unless it somehow took a SAO turn, then have fun wearing the skirt and explaining yourself XD

Tdmd1732d ago

No, and it is pretty common practice among male rpg players. So don't worry about that, just choose whatever you like best and have fun.

chrissx1733d ago

I always play as femshep 1st

TheTowelBoy1733d ago

For me, the voice acting of femshep was WAY better.

Doritos_Pope1733d ago

Im skeptical their saying its during Shepherds lifetime. . .
I WANT a sequel. Not a spin off.

Remy_Chaos1733d ago

Cool I guess but I can already see how gimped its going to be - D1 DLC ripped from core game, microtransactions, and of course favoring a certain ONE console (it doesn't have to favor PS either, but rather take say Witcher 3 stance.) I hate that I hate this series now because when the first came out in 2007 I was amazed. Now I can't help but cringe when I read some people's excitement for this or any EA game. How many times has Bioware burned us all (especially since several of the original people left the company.) The next example is coming with Sims 4... (Yes I know different dev but still EA.) The only way I'll give ME4 a chance is if DAI turns out good, yet I'm certain some of what I said earlier will apply.

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