Destiny Moon Level Now Available in The Beta, Here are 64 Fantastic PS4 Screenshots

If you love Destiny and are currently playing the game’s beta, today Bungie is stress testing the game for two hours, and to celebrate the occasion the level located on the moon has just been opened for ueveryone to enjoy.

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WeAreLegion1731d ago

Fantastic mission. There was a side mission available during this one, but I wasn't able to kill the enemy in time. :/

I forgot what the enemy vehicles are called. Pike, maybe? They were fun. Reminded me of ghosts.

FITgamer1731d ago

Was kind of hoping there would be zero gravity on the moon mission. Probably would of made getting around a pain though.

devwan1731d ago

The story was fun, but the second and third times we played we decided not to bother with it and just explored instead. There's a hell of a lot of areas under ground on the moon! Some fairly low-level Ogres and a couple of level 12 Hallowed Knights that were fun to try to take down (easier with the pikes).

Only found 2 of the golden chests - anyone find more?

3-4-51731d ago

omg this game looks awesome.

BLUEKNIFE1731d ago

destiny is getting very interesting with this beta session. after playing many hours I can say destiny is here to succeed

Lwhit61731d ago

I agree.

What I don't understand is all the hate surrounding this game.
"Halo knockoff"
"Over hyped" etc.
From what I've seen (a limited beta), this game is going to be a very solid work of art.

mayberry1731d ago

In response, it's not necessarily "hate" concerning those observations about Destiny. There are definite, multiple, aspects that are very similar to Halo. The hype is extraordinary too. I like Destiny alot, but it does have lasdt gen graphics, sound, gameplay etc... funny, Killzone SF got unnecessary mediocre reviews, imho, where Destiny seems to get a pass...

no_more_heroes1731d ago

Has anyone found where that Wizard came from?

jhpadilla1731d ago

Awesome mission. HUGE map!!!

This is shaping up to be one hell of a game!

GrimWykydtron1731d ago

It's short and map is small, it took around 50 minutes to visit every accesable location....

jhpadilla1731d ago

Maybe it's because you're just following the mission's waypoints.

But, if you go in the exact opposite direction, you will find the map is really big and with plenty of enemies and loot, and some even some areas not yet accessible.

LAWSON721731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

Mission was kind of lame and very short but the moon decent sized and the inside the moon places look sick.

thehitman13981731d ago

Sooo, did you find the dead ghost that gives you the Saturn glimmor card ?

Didn't think so hater....

TheFallenAngel1731d ago

I want to play moon! Ugh too bad I'm not home.

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The story is too old to be commented.