Nvidia Finally Officially Speaks About AMD's Mantle - Will Not Support It, No Real Benefit Using It

Nvidia's Distinguished Engineer Tom Petersen and Senior Director of Engineering Rev Lebaradian who shared their thoughts about it, and confirmed that Nvidia is not part of it, will not support it, and there are - at least to them - no big benefits from using it.

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NYC_Gamer1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

Nvidia are on board with DX12 and won't support Mantle because it's from a rival[AMD]

Magicite1962d ago

another exclusivity for AMD.

ATi_Elite1962d ago

Nvidia down playing something AMD does........Omg you almost never ever see that. Lol

Mantle only benefits low end cards in which Nvidia is correct as their driver updates give the same performance boost but across ALL gpu tiers.

bumsick1962d ago

fools, it seems they are content to segregate rather than unify gaming on pc.
Surely having all cards support all api's would lead to better optimisation for everyone in the long run.

Letros1962d ago

Mantle is segregation, DX12 is unification.

Lon3wolf1962d ago

How when Mantle is being offered free to NVidia so there is parity? NVidia have locked Physx in segregation practices when they purchased it years ago.

Roccetarius1962d ago

Obviously people won't understand the bigger picture, but DX12 is definitely as you put it, unification.

No need to involve more unneccesary developer work.

ThatOneGuyThere1962d ago

nVidia is a joke. My laptop has an nVidia card in it, but thats the last time I get anything from them. Ever try using 3d with their cards? "oh, we're sorry, you have to have a specific card/monitor/driver set up thats nVidia nVision certified. Yeah, we know your card plays the game at 120+fps, and you have a 3d monitor, but you see, we didnt write our name on the box, so you cant use it." F nVidia. Never again.They can take their BS and put it where they get their policies.

ThatOneGuyThere1962d ago

Oh yeah, not to mention every card from them is more than likely some re-named POS from last year.

OculusRift1961d ago

Same again. I NEVER buy next gen parts.. I wait for the kids and rich folks to drop kick their stuff to get a 3-12% bump in performance ("OMFG 60 MORE CUDA CORZ/STREAM PROCESSORZ.. 1 MOAR DISPLAY PORT)" and I pick it up for hundreds less.

JackOfAllBlades1962d ago

I find Nvidia usually overpriced as hell and that's why I use AMD, same reason I don't use Apple products

OculusRift1961d ago

Kind of the same Reason I don't use Intel/nVidia anymore. overpriced to hell while AMD offers the same thing at hundreds less. If I didn't go full AMD this build, it would have easily cost me $3-400 more to get the same performance.

bigboirock1962d ago

My alien ware 18 with dual 880m have no problems with it I put in a 3d screen runs everything smooth

tee_bag2421961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Except the 880m's are 8gb rebadged 4gb 780m's.
Which isn't a problem but their are multiple threads at NBR about Nvidia deliberately slipping in performance throttling flag into the 880m's.
Something is seriously wrong when a 780m performs far better than a newer 880m.
We're actually addressing the issue with a Nvidia rep right now. You should chime in.
Nice machine by the way. I have a R2.

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The story is too old to be commented.