Make your own MMO with MMORPG Tycoon

Via Massively: "The TIGSource Procedural Generation Competition is nearing it's finish, and one of the more polished entries takes a fascinating look at MMOs. Titled MMORPG Tycoon, it gives you an MMORPG and demands that you fix it to please the player base. And that's easier said than done."

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Hyldig3785d ago

Anybody able to provide a mirror. Download link at source doesn't work.

JoelR3785d ago

"Hi to everyone who's been linked here from the wider Internet! Sadly, my poor little web server seems to be collapsing under the sudden linkflood, so the download links below probably aren't functional right now. I'm working on the problem, and should have mirror sites up soon! When alternate download links are ready to go, I'll link to them here."

and no he doesn't have any new links yet up
His project sounds Ambitious (probably overly so!)