HP DreamColor LP2480zx Shows Off Its One Billion Colors

Gizmodo writes: "LCD monitors are generally pretty convenient, but many graphic design and video professionals can't rely on LCDs alone because they just aren't color accurate enough for finesse jobs. So they end up double checking images in clunky CRT monitors. HP is addressing this issue with their DreamcColor display. An LED-backlit 24-inch widescreen monitor, the DreamColor features 30-bit imaging with a over billion colors. That's 64 times the standard LCD color a price that's only about 10 times the standard LCD ($3,499). A side-by-side against a mortal monitor after the jump, but will you really be able to tell the difference with that piece of crap you're using?"

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Ghoul3787d ago

yeah like the teleshopping dudes trying to showcase how superior the sound is of the tv they wanna sell you by turning up the volume on its studio tv. :)

titntin3787d ago

I can see why any non artists might not see the relevance on such a monitor. But for those of us who do high end art work and compositing, this kind of screen would be a god-send.

Whilst I normally do games, I'm currently doing a feature film, and feature films use a colour space much larger than the limited 8bit per colour space of a standard monitor.

This means if you work with film footage, you simply can't see all the information. I convert the files to a 32 bit floating point linear image for viewing on a standard monitor and compositing, but you can only see the deatils in the blacks or highlights by adjusting an exposure control to try and see the entire range.
Having a monitor that could actually display the images correctly would be amazing and take some of the 'guess work' out of the whole process;. So yes, expensive, but if your in my line of buisness, worth every penny!

Ghoul3786d ago


very nice monitor no doubt

2cents3786d ago

by the latest results, the human eye can detect only 10-16 million

TheIneffableBob3786d ago

First people say the human eye can only detect 30 FPS, now people are saying that the eye can only see 10 to 16 million colors.

Where the hell are people being told these things?
They're quite obviously false.