Voodoo Omen Gaming Desktop Is Most Beautiful Ever, Only $6500-$20,000

Gizmodo writes: "I almost don't care what's inside Voodoo's Omen desktop, beyond the usual gaming PC bombast -quad radiator and liquid cooling with integrated copper pipes to stave thermonuclear meltdown for extreme overclocking-because this is the best-looking made-to-order gaming desktop I've ever seen. It looks like a clean, efficient killing machine, not a disco-in-a-box. (Okay, there is a built-in seven-inch LCD auxiliary display that adds the necessary over-the-top flourish for obscene gaming PCs.) You can party it up with custom lights and paint, but I urge otherwise. But, if you can afford the $20,000 for the top of the line model, I'm two social classes away from judging you."

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