Spectacular Star Citizen Pictures and Trailer Show the Origin M50 and Ultra-Detailed Environments

There’s no doubt by now that Star Citizen is going to be a graphical powerhouse, and Cloud Imperium Games Released a series of work in progress pictures of the racing and courier spaceship Origin M50, on top of a beautiful trailer showing two of the game’s environment as they’re being built.

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camel_toad2478d ago

Yeh I'm really looking forward to this. Been a loooong time since I've played a game like this worth playing.

mx1042478d ago

I havent really followed this game much but its looking more amazing everytime i see something about it. I would love this to come to consoles but doubtful if they could handle it

user56695102478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

but but.. star citizen is a space sim ps4 can handle it. its just ship and space, nothing else. but but uncharted 4.

thank you for dropping a video to shut these fanboys up with their constant spread of BS. not know what they are talking about just to make it seem like their console is gods gift to the world. this video shut every fanboy up on this site thats why it wasnt much no talk like the last article. they are not interested in games only when it makes their console looks superior. but pc gamers love all games no matter what platform its on.

end rant/

im look forward to this game i want to see more different parts of the gameplay and the full environments with the npc and different world. ill WAIT and SEE before i say anything else besides this game is looking interesting and my cup of tea(see it see it, no hyping with the little bit off footage we got)

why crytek engine always have a metal look on everything

DeusEx-Machina2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

Star Citizen will feature PBR, but it is maybe not available in that design footage yet. Ships that have been finished in engine and are available in Arena Commander, feature it. Search on youtube for "Vanduul Scythe Redesigned with PBR" for respective design footage.