Square Enix Announces RPG Line-Up for Xbox 360

Square Enix Ltd., the publisher of Square Enix® interactive entertainment products in Europe and other PAL territories, today announces three new RPGs for the Microsoft Xbox 360 system that will be released across all PAL territories beginning with INFINITE UNDISCOVERY on 5th September 2008 and followed by THE LAST REMNANT and STAR OCEAN®: THE LAST HOPE. All three RPGs will be globally released in 2008-2009.

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Vojkan3780d ago

I give credit to MS for at least doing their best in Japan, but is it enough?

Lifendz3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

Japan is never going to really support a Western console or developer. Heck, they only bought San Andreas because Capcom published it over there. Abandon what is a money sink and focus on the strong areas-U.S. & Europe. Or if they really want to do well in Japan then they should be some Japanese developers and secure some major IPs that the Japanese love (we all could name a few).

Dark_Vendetta3780d ago

IMO it's a good move. I know this one will not change anything in Japan but as long as they keep on trying I'll get my (hopefully) good JRPGs

kewlkat0073780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

It was the size/weight of the Original xbox as to why the console never sold.(Apparently)

The 360 comes out and that is reduced compared to it's closest competitor the PS3.

Then there was there are no Good/Great RPG's on the console and the 360 is delivering just that this gen. Even RPG's from the JRPG gods themselves, Square. Plenty JRPG's we don't hear about because all that matters to some is Final fantasy. Especially in the West.

Now if you ask me why the console does not sell well, I will gladly tell you, IMO, opinion it's not because it's too FAT or does not have the JRPG's. That argument is moot.

Well the the RROD certainly does not help knowing how Japanese are about Quality, then there is the culture that have only known Japanese made consoles for the last 35+ years. They are not gonna jump ship so quickly to adopt a different platform, especially when there are 3 decent platforms out there.Plus how many Japanese gamers have money for 3 consoles?

The 360 right now is just the ugly duckling. That foreign step child. Def not part of the family. But give MS credit yes, why not. Of course there is always this negative sentiment anything MS. MS should not Quite Japan, but I think Europe is more important. Western Games sell pretty well and there are gear towards that market besides NA.

The biggest Japanese Game seller is right around the corner MGS4. Take a look at Western Games and the sale charts.

thewhoopimen3780d ago

I disagree... That powerbrick on the 360 is a console of its own. If you attached the powerbrick to the 360 box, 360 > PS3 easily.

KingKirchner3780d ago

I give MS credit for trying in Japan, but I don't think their main goal is gaining the Japaneese market, it's holding the PS3 back in the Japaneese market, and that's exactly what they're doing.

They've thrown more money at these Japaneese developers than I can imagine for all these exclusive/timed-exclusive RPGs, and while it hasn't helped them much (or at all really) it certainly has been holding the PS3 back in Japan a LOT.

hazeblaze3780d ago

LOL, the 360 is not currently doing ANYTHING to hold the PS3 back in the Japanese market! The PS3 has sold about 4-5x as many consoles in Japan and the 360 had a year head start there too! No, when it comes to Japan the 360 is hopelessly lost.

HOWEVER, what no matter what ppl say about the 360 and Japan... the 360 definitely has a very attractive rpg lineup at this point. Whether or not it rivals the lineup of the PS3 probably comes down to opinion & taste... but if SO4 remains exclusive to the 360, and if SO4 & IU are as good as past games by the devs... the 360 may even have the better lineup (considering that it already has ME in it's lineup as well).

The first 2 Star Ocean games were better than most FF games imo. The last one was not as hot but was still very good. If SO4 doesn't come to the PS3, it is a major loss.

bakasora3780d ago

I felt betrayed by Sony and Square-Enix.

KingKirchner3780d ago


The PS3 isn't being held back in Japan in comparison to the 360, but there is a HUGE gap between PS3 and the Wii/DS/PSP.

INehalemEXI3780d ago

Sometimes I think about buying a J360 just to get Oneechanebra Vortex. I settle for Onechanebra Revolution on wii w/freeloader though. Still want Vortex somehow though...

Light Yagami3780d ago

Props to MS for trying in Japan. Sony is letting me down with the JRPGs. Thats why I bought a 360. To enjoy my JRPGs. Too bad I only enjoyed one :/ The next Star Ocean looks promising.

Fallen_Angel3780d ago

Got to love how people act like the only in the world that a rpgs will sell is in japan. Yes we all know the japanese love their rpgs and dating sims. However rpgs still sell in other parts of the world. Star ocean till the end of time sold 1.29 million only .55 in japan the rest were sold in america. Final Fantasy X sold 3.02 in japan, 2.74 in america and 2.19 other. Just cause the japanese are to racist to give the 360 a chance doesnt make this bad move on MS part. There are still 19m other 360 owners out there that will enjoy the games.

Guwapo773779d ago

Japanese aren't racist. They just opt to buy quality products. Westerners are the only ones willing to buy sub-par products and complain about it later when it breaks.

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Spike473780d ago

g ive credit to MS for atleast trying.The AMOUNT of JRPGs looks good but the quality of each does not.

macsto3780d ago

screw japan, these games are going to be awesome! Bring them to the rest of the world ASAP

player9113780d ago

I agree. Role Playing Games is a genre of gaming. It doesn't have to appeal to a specific region to be successful. Just because Japanese only support Japanese based companies doesn't mean they can't make RPG and JRPG's.

The only reason MS is releasing so many RPG's this year is because they lack them. I love RPG's and the 360 is where its at.

mistertwoturbo3780d ago

Those look to be pretty good RPG's though. Just bring em here to the states where people will actually buy it. I'm lookin at all three.

CAPT IRISH3780d ago

I am loving all the rpgs on my 360