H.A.W.X. looking good for a Wii release

Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. has been rumored to be in development for the Wii for a considerable amount of time. No official announcement was ever made, but the speculation continued. H.A.W.X. does seem slightly possible to be releasing on the Wii at this point - an IGN listing was discovered for the title in addition to a recently added GameStop and GameFly retail listings. Most speculate that the game may be revealed at E3 for the Wii, although we're still far from an official confirmation.

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jedistev3786d ago

....cant trust Ubisoft this day

maybe it more like H.A.W.X Rabbit edition

wiizy3786d ago

its looking pretty good. all it needs now is the control that only the wii can provide... oh i forgot its being copied