Last Remnant Trailer from Xbox360 RPG Premiere 2008

Square Enix just announced that RPG Last Remnant will be first released on Xbox 360, worldwide, this winter. The game will also hit PS3, but no date has been given for the other version.

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LaChance3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

a sudden that this was definitly not AAA and looked pretty boring.As if AAA was the only thing worth playing (DMC 4, GT5P , NG2 ,Dead Rising etc werent AAA but were VERY GOOD games)

Wonder why.

Anyway this game looks great to me.

agree ?

PS360WII3786d ago

I think it's gonna be great ^^ It's Square Enix for goodness sake! There seems to be plenty of characters and the story is there. I'm awaiting it for sure

mistertwoturbo3786d ago

LaChance, I usually hate your posts as it's usually 360 biased.

But I have to say this game looks pretty damn amazing. Man SE really is pushing the boundaries of the Unreal engine.

Superfragilistic3786d ago

Agreed with mistertwoturbo

Most of the time LaChance you look like a fanboy but that was a nice post and the Unreal Engine is looking great. I still marvel at Mistwalker's Lost Odyssey which even though it had some minor slow down and pop in, it made Unreal look bloody beautiful! :)

Spike473786d ago

I haven't seen much from the game I wish I could play the demo. :(

But Honestly I don't expect much from it at all. maybe average ratings.

timmyrulz3786d ago

Surprise Surprise, all of a sudden this game sucks and averafe at best, lets see how many "its not a patch on FF13" comment we get, as for the trailer, looks pretty cool to me

Elginer3786d ago

This game is looking amazing, I can't believe this is running on Unreal engine 3, sweet moses these visuals are insane! Can't wait for this one. It's funny how now all of a sudden it was supposed to be the year of the PS3 with MGS4 and LBP but now out of no where the 360's line up has gotten a hell of a boost. I mean this, Tales, Gears 2, Fable 2, Too Human, Infinite Undiscovery and NG2 which I'm currently playing -- man so much good stuff.

mistertwoturbo3786d ago

Keep note it's also coming out on PS3 later. But yes the 360's RPG line up just gets better and better. I'm definitely looking foward to this one.

Elginer3786d ago

for this years 360 lineup. I know it's coming to the PS3 sometime next year and thats great news for PS3 only owners. Just surprised at all of the 360 games coming out THIS year.

snakeater33786d ago

very nice. it looks like ffx with self shadowing

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