Everything You Need to Know about The New Halo Video Series Halo: Nightfall

Power Leveled gathered all the information they could on the new Halo: Nightfall production and brought it together in one place. Here you will find the latest information about the series, the cast (with photos), screenshots from the series, and a trailer.

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JoeIsMad3112d ago

There are a TON of images, but it's really nice to see who the actors are now.

ROQFrost3112d ago

I really want to watch this. I loved the Foward unto dawn ones.

JoeIsMad3112d ago

If it's anywhere as good as Forward Unto Dawn, we should have a great time.

Stevefantisy3112d ago

I'm not a halo fan but FUD was really good.

Stevefantisy3112d ago

Actually looking forward to this more so now that its not Xbox exclusive :-)

JoeIsMad3112d ago

It's not? Awesome! I don't have an Xbone, but it's nice to see I won't need to wait to watch it on another service.

Jacktrauma3112d ago

Awesome! Im glad the closing of the studio didnt effect the making of this. It looks sweet!