PSM3: Mercenaries 2: World In Flames Preview - Roads? Where we're going, etc...

PSM3 writes: "So we're driving through a thick jungle in a tank. We need to get to a drug lord's mansion, but a dilapidated shanty town is blocking the way. Conditioned as we are by years of static game environments, we start on a dusty dirt road curling around it.

But Jonathan Zamkoff, senior designer at Pandemic, stops us. "Just drive through it." And we do, crushing the village beneath our treads and blasting it apart with our cannon, debris flying everywhere. "Remember, you're a mercenary," explains Jonathan to us. "You don't do roads."

The path to the mansion is dotted with enemy checkpoints - enormous stone arches flanked by machine gun nests and enemy snipers. If you're feeling brave you can charge forward with your assault rifle, but you're better off calling in air support. Using a GPS satellite you view the immediate area from above."

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