PALGN: Far Cry 2 Preview - A far cry from the original?

PALGN writes: "If there was one minor detraction from Ubisoft's annual Ubidays showing, it was the lack of that one outstanding title that had everyone hyped for the holidays. Prince of Persia was shaping up to be that title, but we haven't really seen it yet. Still, amongst the rest of the titles shown, Far Cry 2 was probably the one to leave the greatest impression. After an impressive trailer comprised purely of in game footage and a walkthrough demo by the game's Technical Director, we actually got to take this new beast for a spin.

The original Far Cry premise was flogged across several years, consoles and forms, so Far Cry 2 looks to make a fresh start. You begin by picking one of nine characters, all of which have the one endearing purpose. That is, to get into the heart of Africa and take out an arms dealer known as "The Jackal", who has been fuelling a civil war between two mercenary factions, the UFLL and APR. You'll actually encounter all of the other eight characters within the game, and picking each one will provide a slightly different story.

Far Cry 2 promises a 50 square kilometre seamlessly streamed open world in a unique African setting. Players will be able to explore dense jungles, open savannahs and barren deserts, as well as other related environments. Animals will be freely roaming around as well. The environments were highly dynamic and very impressive. The trees and grass aren't simple animations, they're complex objects that move in the ever changing wind and can be used to your advantage. Furthermore, there will be an in-game 24 hour cycle, re: night and day."

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