Prince of Persia co-op now a "possibility"

Speaking to videogaming247, Chris Easton - Prince of Persia's community development manager - has said that co-operative play in the upcoming action reboot may be explored.

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Mike Bowden3787d ago

Great news! Hope they do it.

MK_Red3787d ago

F*** no. Why is that nowadays every game and their dog is gonna have co-op? First a classic RPG like Fable 2, then a survival horror game like RE4 and now this... And there are rumors of co-op in God of War 3 which are simply disgusting. Kratos is a lone warrior, the Ghost of Sparta.

As for Prince, I really hope if that's true, the player that plays Elike is not just a copy of Prince but with a female model.

himdeel3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago ) co-op play please. All consoles need more single player games and less FPS...okay there I'm off my soap box.

If they add the woman as a playable character it would be bogus to play the same game with a different character. Even though I don't know the story line, playing the woman character on a different path would eventually lead to playing the same game as the prince since eventually they team up for stuff in the game.

sinncross3787d ago

A bit late to bother implementing it, it was looks like a very average title.

Freak of Nature3787d ago

Possibly an option for both camps? Does that want Co-op can play in this mode, and those that don't can play in the mode we know of at this point?

Really look forward to the game,looks to be everything you want from a Prince game,exploration,platforming,e tc,etc...

Looks like they have gone back to the original early 90's gameplay,with added muscle from this gen's systems...

I am not a big fan of cell shading,however,this look,a "painterly" touch looks very promising...