Microsoft pins Japan hopes on new RPGs

Microsoft has released further details of the titles it hopes will ignite the Xbox 360's ailing sales in Japan at a press event in Tokyo today.

At the Xbox 360 RPG Premiere 2008 stage show, Corporation executives introduced a number of games to be released in the territory in the next 12-18 months, including projects from both Namco Bandai and Square Enix.

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sinncross3785d ago

Those Square and Namco RPG's will hit PS3.

i fail these will make much impact for Xbox tbqh.

LaChance3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

Tales of Ves in August.

Too Human in August.

Inf Undisc in October.

A bit too crowded to me : I really hope that one of these isn't going down the drain.

3 games targeting almost the same audience coming out all at the same time can be quite dangerous for one of them...dont know which one though...

Hellraizer3785d ago

Sacred 2

Fable 2

Fallout 3

RPG heaven coming at the end of 2008.

green3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

Last Remnant this winter worldwide.Also expect to see Cry on at E3 or Tokyo game show.

Spike473785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

out of three Lachance mentioned only one will make an impact in sales and that's Too Human IF Ms hypes it up like mass effect, halo, and gears.
(And yeah I know you are talking about the great quantity of Jrpgs and that's really good for MS and console owners)

I really don't see any of MS's rpgs making a difference in Japan or any other countries.

Sony may not have much but atleast when they have some they really deliver.

pow3r of t3h c3ll3785d ago

Remember when when M$ were saying about how they didnt care about Japan but all this time behind the scenes they have been secretly and sleazily
buying exclusive jrpgs.

But of course they will fail cus Japanese consumers would never buy inferior american electronics when the whole world knows japan make the best and secondly cus M$ have not managed to buy the biggest of them all:FINAL FANTASY!!!

Xflop am fail in Japan(and everywhere else 2 lol)

beavis4play3785d ago

i can't believe that MS is serious? it's been out almost 3 years; the time for gaining even modest respectability in Japan is long gone.

i can't imagine MS ever sending their next console(x720?) there.

Captain Tuttle3785d ago

JRPG's sell in the West too. Personally I don't understand their appeal but lots of people love 'em.

Superfragilistic3785d ago

I actually think this is a move to shore up a wider offering for Western audiences whilst also building a rep in Japan for future generations.

Microsoft have already admitted Japan a lost cause this generation but you have to remember that it took Sony the PS1 to build the stellar support with the PS2, I suspect MS is attempting the same thing. Build goodwill and the sales will come (albeit a long time later). Or at least that's their hope!

Having said that Japan is pretty much irrelevant to both consoles. The PS3 averages about 10K/week whilst the 360 averages about 2K/week. In contrast the Wii averages 50K/wk, and yet that ignores where the Japanese market has its focus. The Japanese market is dominated by handhelds, namely the DS and PSP, the console market in comparison is for all intensive purposes currently financially dead other than the Wii.

Captain Tuttle3785d ago

I agree, especially with your last paragraph. The Japanese market seems to be moving away from traditional consoles and towards handhelds. I think MS came too late to the party.

Superfragilistic3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

"I think MS came too late to the party."

I agree, but I'd add that being a foreign company was always a major barrier to Microsoft's cause and perhaps explains their efforts to build goodwill with Japan, despite the poor sales, with hopes for future generations.

But Japan really is all about handhelds for the forseeable future and is largely irrelevant to the outcome between Sony and MS in terms of hardware. This is why we're seeing companies like Square, Atlus, Namco and Mistwalker increasingly target Western audiences with their new offerings.

Europe and America are the battlefields that matter this generation.

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