O2 reveals 3G iPhone UK price... and it's FREE!

So, the 3G iPhone will definitely go on sale on July 11th here in the UK. The 8GB model will cost £99 per month if you sign up to O2's new £30 monthly tariff, or the existing £35 tariff.

However, sign up to the £45 or £75 tariffs, and you'll get it for free. That's right: a free iPhone. Apple has clearly dropped its opposition to operators subsidising the cost of the handset.

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Andronix3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

Ive been waiting for this for a long time.
The iphone represents the future where we will all carry a portable PC unit. But i think it cant record video which is ashame, and it would be nice if it had even more RAM but thats me being picky. But i love the GPS. I will save on the price of getting a sat-nav. Games, new software, 3rd party apps. Seems a steal.

hi-tower3876d ago

'This is the iPhone you've been waiting for'

The feature list now is much closer to the expectations we all had when the iPhone was first announced, adding Exchange support is a big plus, as is the GPS, saves me buying a Sat Nav! The 3rd party apps they showed also really got my attention, plenty of potential there!

Great News on the prices for the UK, that makes it a must have for me, plus the fairly certain knowledge that you'll be able to upgrade for free again when the 4G-esus phone arrives.

Ghoul3876d ago

im just hoping we (gemrnay) get a equal deal.

csta3876d ago

hey guys c if u go to this page here

u notice u can buy the handset at £59!!!

once u get home dnt bother registering the phone with itunes and j use pawnage or iliberty+ to jailbreak it and unlock it :D:D:D

so basicly we can use this technek to get our 3G iphones for only £59!!!

scoobysnacks3876d ago

The handset might cost you only £59, but to get that deal when you buy it from the O2 shop, you'll be signing up for a minimum 18 month contract, costing you £45 per month. So why the hell would you want to jailbreak it (good risk of locking your phone up, apple updates have caused this to happen before, plus you'll invalidate your warranty with Apple). And after all that, you'll still have to pay o2 £45 per month on the contract for a phone you cant use.

Mr_Showtime13876d ago

I always pay the price for buying things at launch.

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