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If there is a word that can get gamers, particularly of the PC variety, to turn almost zombie-like – drooling at the thought of their venerated series and shambling slowly towards their PCs in a bid to relive the magic – it's this one: Fallout… are you still with us? No urge to boot up that copy of Fallout 2, invite your best buddy around and relive your teenage years? Good, because we're going to be saying 'Fallout' a lot.

The fact that this almost sacred series is about to receive a next-gen sequel in the form of Fallout 3 is, dear readers, a big deal. In a market where sequels seem to be nothing but reworked versions of their predecessors, with little or no innovation when it comes to story telling and/or immersion, we think that it is reasonable for Fallout fans to be a little worried.

To understand why this next step in the series is so important to a lot of people we must look to the past – at the previous Fallout games and at the developer who has been given the rather momentous job of bringing Fallout to a new generation of gamers, none other than Bethesda 'we made Oblivion' Softworks.

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Rick Astley3782d ago

Eh I got bored with Oblivion. Fallout 3 looks fudging amazing though. I don't like that they numbered it as the official sequel though I mean it's TOTALLY different from previous Fallout games. Are people really THAT obsessed with First Person Shooters nowadays? Now our RPG's are turning into FPS!

BeaArthur3782d ago

We are on the same page their. I couldn't even force myself to finish Oblivion, but Fallot 3 looks like it could be a lot more entertaining.

Panthers3782d ago

I agree too. BTW, is Fallout 3 First Person or Third? I hope third. It looks like it from the pics.

Closing3782d ago

Fallout 3 by a long shot.

Anemeros3782d ago

I've read that article before, several months ago. I hope it wasn't stolen and/or re-posted.

Copy and paste can get you into trouble sometimes.

MK_Red3782d ago

Hey, I'm the Vault Boy!

But seriously, it would be really ugly if they indeed stole their article.
Anyways, cool avy :)

SlappingOysters3781d ago

it is from one of the site's regular writers

Imallvol73782d ago

If fallout three is like Oblivion, I never want to hear about it again. I rented Oblivion for a week and I am still in shock that anyone liked that game. So many glitches!

okcomputer3782d ago

Maybe the glitches were on the console versions.. i had it for pc and ran fine.

Gun_Senshi3782d ago

When compared to Morrowind.

MK_Red3782d ago

So true. It was a fun and good game on its own but compared to Morrowind, it was horrible.
And as Yahtzee put it, Oblivion lacked a very important part of a good game: Immersion.

Fallout 3 pwns Oblivion any day.

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