Star Ocean 4 titled Star Ocean The Last Hope, confirmed for 360 in 2009

Square Enix has confirmed that RPG Star Ocean 4's official title is Star Ocean The Last Hope.

The company gave the details at the Microsoft's ongoing Xbox 360 RPG Premiere 2008 event in Tokyo.


Update: The issue of Star Ocean’s platforms has been clarified on IGN. From the site:

Square Enix producer Yoshinori Yamagishi cleared things up during a roundtable interview session that followed the press conference. Asked if the game is 360-only, he said, “We cannot announce anything on that. We can say that it will be released first [on the Xbox 360]. Whether we’ll release it on the PS3 is undecided. We may release it, we may not.”

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NinjaRyu3877d ago

Another J-rpg to add to my list of games to buy for the 360. I wonder if it's 360 only or if theirs a PS3 verson on the way as well?

Ariexv3877d ago

Nope Tri-Ace has said their exclusive to 1 console this gen

Superfragilistic3877d ago

I will not have the time for so many titles, the JRPG collection on 360 just keeps growing and I just keep pinching myself to wake up!

Cry On, Infinite Undiscovery, Tales, Spectral Force 3, Blue Dragon 2, and now Star Ocean 4! And I've still got to play Fallout 3, Fable 2 and Too Human! *multiple expletives related to there not being enough hours in the day to play*...

CrazzyMan3876d ago

They just said that SO4 is heading to x360.
Have you seen a word "SO4" and "EXCLUSIVE on x360", just like "FFXIII" is "ONLY for PS3" ???

Then it`s just like Tales of Vesperia, the game will be first released on x360, but you WON`T find anywhere, that ToV will be x360 ONLY game.

LaChance3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

saying at the begining of the year that SO4 was coming to 360 and I got something like 20 disagrees and a whole lot insults.

It was pretty obvious to non-fanboy eyes that it was coming to 360.

I mean give me ONE reason for Square Enix to refuse to say that its a PS3 exclusive ? Why would a dev REFUSE to say that a game is a PS3 exclusive ?

Because its not ! duh !

Looks like its multiplat.

But if ever this game is a 360 exclusive I'll be laughing my head off.

I remeber Sony fanboys calling me stupid because Square Enix said this game would be on ONE cosole only.Well...looks like we know which one...

I still think they are going to make it multiplat though.It will have good sales

LO = 650 000 in 3 months + its an unproven franchise

Star Ocean 4 = proven franchise + very popular in Japan = 1 million for sure far faster than LO.

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pwnmaster30003877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

i already knew so yeah no biggie.
i will buy for the ps3 though

we all knew it was coming , it was just time and anouncement

but yeah im exited for this game the first one was fun @ss hell, but neva beat it though might start again tommorow

Ariexv3877d ago

A shame Tri-Ace said they won't do Multi-platform games this gen :P

mesh13876d ago

its a 360 exclusive just deal with it the 360 will alwys have better quality game and more of them to play ,sony has failed this generation just let go stop cluthing at straws there is no way the ps3 will survive this on slaught the ps3 does not sell enough software not to mention sony game studios has not made a profit on the ps3 while mgs has with the xvox 360 so they cant really use money of a failing system to secure great exc;lusive also not to mention the hardware on the ps3 which dont work well in sync , the cell was a mistake no major comoute manufacturer has bought the cell from sony and its partners peopel alays forgo the cell has only 1 core with 7spu while most power pc use quad core and the 360 has 3 core sont fanboys give up and get a well earned rest buy gettig a 360 and playing some great games for 1s.

rhood0223876d ago

"A shame Tri-Ace said they won't do Multi-platform games this gen"

Just like 2k claimed that Bioshock was not coming to the PS3?

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PS360WII3877d ago

Alright Star Ocean for 360 how about that :)

kewlkat0073876d ago

I think Last Remenent or Infinite Undiscovery is my next RPG's.

The 360 is no longer just Shooters Console.

Xeoset3876d ago

I said this elsewhere...but:

Woah, well done MS Japan!

You've gotten your own Tales game series by the looks of it, 'Tales of Versperia', much like the Wii has Symphonia.

You've got the likes of Cry On coming up, by the amazing Sakaguchi and it Lost Odyssey is anything to go by then that will be win!

Add the likes of Infinite Undiscovery to that list.

Now you've gotten Star Ocean 4 under your belt.

Then you've hit it with Last Remnant, by SquareEnix as a Timed Exclusive.

Can't give them more than enough praise, even if Japan doesn't because even if they don't want all this good stuff, I do ;)