Boston mayor billing Sony for Copley chaos

WHDH reports Boston's mayor, Thomas Menino, plans to bill Sony for the chaos caused at Copley Place yesterday. According to WHDH it took 12 police officers to clear the "crazed gamers" and the city blames the Sony Style store. Unlike the Landmark Center Best Buy, which prevented a bad situation from occuring, the Sony Style store provoked it by withholding launch numbers, not allowing pre-orders and having a laissez-faire system in place for launch. Billing for police time could happen across the country with stores that withheld launch details causing a preventable situation to turn ugly.

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Islandkiwi4379d ago

Let's face it, long lines of sleep deprived people create a hostile environment. Sony should pay for the cops.

Dick Jones4378d ago

Or would you be criminally liable for mental anguish, pain and suffering if you told them you were gunna fart but omitted the fact you just had a big bowl of pork and beans. This country is filled with cry babies who find it easier to blame after than to take pre-cautions before.

DEIx15x84378d ago

After watching those videos on the other article about this it is extremely obvious that it was caused by the store not handling things properly causing it to get out of control. Hopefully this will scare stores into doing things right next time. Now they just have to go after those stupid stores that did the sign and chair runs, it should be first come first serve not a game.

bilal4378d ago

its sonys fault that people badly want ps3..

its quite understandable that microsoft never faces such troubles...

DC RID3R4378d ago

bro, with a few more videos like this

sony wont be around this time fukin next year!!!


power of Green 4378d ago (Edited 4378d ago )

Dont be an idiot, 10 PS3's per store lol people would fight over the GameCube if stores were getting 10 every month lol.

Many many people dont want a PS3 now and many more will wait untill PS3 has games to warrent the puchase.

power of Green 4378d ago

They should have delayed the PS3 untill they had more console's to better supply their fanbase also the piss poor exclusives could have used more time. Kevin P.. from Attack of the Show asked KAZ H. wtf are you responsible for the chaos and should have delayed the PS3 for a better launch; Kaz said he's sorry but MS will dominate if we dont get the PS3 on the market(not in those words).

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