PSX Extreme: Kung Fu Panda Review

PSX Extreme writes: "For the most part, when a game is based on a movie, it turns out badly. In fact, some of the worst games of the past decade have been failed transitions from the big screen to the virtual interactive world, so we're always a little leery when picking up a title based on a film. However, in the realm of kids movies, we've seen several decent video game efforts in this generation, including Cars: Mater-National and Surfs Up. All we're really looking for is an experience that will satisfy fans of the movies and offer a relatively simple but engaging and ultimately entertaining adventure. Sometimes, we start to think this is too much to ask, but wonder of wonders, Kung Fu Panda proves that such an equation isn't impossible. Sure, it has a few problems here and there, but for the most part, it achieves its goal very nicely, which – if we're being 100% honest – represents one of the biggest surprises of the year. It's still not something all avid gamers will want to play, but it's great for just about all youngsters."

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