S3 announces Chrome 440 GTX for $69.95

Beat's ATI Radeon 3470 in 3DMark06?

VIA's S3 Graphics has announced a new card in its Chrome 400 series, called the Chrome 440 GTX.

Same as the previously announced Chrome 430 GT, this one is also powered by a 65nm GPU clocked at 725MHz. Unlike the 430 GT version, the 440 GTX will come with a bit faster GDDR3 memory clocked at 700MHz and paired up with the same 64-bit memory interface.

The new card comes with features like PCI-Express 2.0, DirectX 10.1, Shader Model 4.1 support and ChromotionHD 2.0+ technology. The backplate is packed with one dual-link DVI, one D-Sub and HDMI with audio. In its press release, S3 claims that this little thing is capable of beating ATI's Radeon HD 3470 in 3DMark06 on Windows Vista OS.

It also looks great for the HTPC systems as it is a low profile card with a price set at US $69.95. Fudzilla's people have seen it up and running so the card is real.

The Chrome 440 GTX is supposed to beat the Radeon 3470 at least in 3Dmark06, but that needs to be seen to be believed.

One has to laugh about the GTX suffix sarcasm, but you can be assured that VIA's GTX won't end up nearly as fast as Nvidia's.

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Kakkoii3836d ago

That's amazing.. If it truly can beat, or at least be around the same performance as a Radeon 3470, and for only 70$, then I'd definitely be interested in one.

ravenguard883835d ago

The 3470 is ATi's low-end budget card. You can get them at my store for about $50. A 2600 XT will outperform it quite a bit, for about the same price as this VIA solution.

Kami3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

i think is time to upgrade.

JDW3836d ago

This featured card is useless for gaming....and since this is News For Gamers, it seems rather pointless.

DeadlyFire3836d ago

Via is doing nicely to move up in the GPU industry to move up. This isn't a top level card as Via/S3 said this wouldn't be a top of the line card. It is claiming to be faster than the 3470 that came out. If so its a sign that Via might step up to the High-end market. If Via moves up into the high-end market like NVIDIA and ATI we could have a new competitor in the market and possibly one of the others being pushed out of it.