Fallout 3 for October

Gameplayer are reporting that a more focused release period for Fallout 3 has just been announced.

"Well, it looks like all of that good karma collection has finally paid dividends, avid Vault Dweller. Because we've just been handed the Australian release date for Fallout 3, Bethesda's hotly anticipated action roleplaying game."

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Spike473785d ago

I might actually think about buying this game. Should I buy this over Saints Row 2 and mercenaries 2?

Rikitatsu3785d ago

This and MGS4 are the Strongest Contenders for GOTY

GTA IV is an Overhyped Overrated piece of filthy trash

Luca Blight3785d ago

Definetely buy this game over Saints Row 2 and Mercenaries too (both 82-86% games probably).

And Rikitatsu, even though I enjoyed GTA4, it definetely was overhyped and IMO undeserving of the slew of 10/10s it received.

m-s-8-23785d ago

GTA was hardly a trash game. Did it deserve perfect 10's? No. a Solid 8.5 was about right.

MK_Red3785d ago

Well, now the GOTY 2008 has a solid release date.

Statix3785d ago

You mean you aren't one of the many old-school, hardcore turn-based, isometric RPG Fallout fanboys that are constantly complaining and moaning about how Bethesda is bastardizing their precious baby? Judging by your avatar, I thought you would be.

Luca Blight3785d ago

It still has to compete with...
1. MGS4
2. GTA4
3. Gears of War 2
4. Resistance 2
5. Starcraft 2
6. White Knight Story (yes I'm a Level 5 nut)

among others...

MK_Red3785d ago

Statix, actually, I am one of those and still hate Bethesda for what they've done to the series (My all time fave series no less along with MK) but in an age of casual games that a watered down version of System Shock 2 (BioShock) is deeper and more complex than all of 2007's games combined, I know that even an insanely watered down Fallout will beat the living crap out of everything else.

Luca Blight, I agree with MGS4 and GTA4 but not the rest. Gears 2 and Resistance 2 have no chance for GOTY. StarCraft 2 is worthy but RTS games hardly win GOTY. And for White Knight, I'm pretty sure it will be delayed till 2009 and even if it didn't, for me Western-RPG > J-RPG so Fallout 3 still wins.
The other contender that you didn't mention is LittleBigPlanet.

Statix3785d ago

MK_Red, as a fan of the Fallout series, in what ways do you think Fallout 3 will be watered-down or detrimentally altered compared to the originals? And how many of these supposed changes are known for sure, considering there haven't been that many concrete details released regarding Fallout 3's gameplay in the first place?

Luca Blight3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

Speaking broadly, I think anytime you focus more on the visuals and a whole new gameplay system to accomodate it, you're going to lose out on time that you may have had more of when designing previous iterations less focused on such detailed graphics and complex 3D interactions.

I also think it's a given that whenever you try to cater to a larger, more diverse audience (as Bethesda is obviously trying to do with this new Fallout), you decide to ditch more of the hardcore nuances of the series' predescesors in an attempt to make the game more accessible to newcomers.

Luca Blight3785d ago

you're right - I totally forgot about LittleBigPlanet! That game has some potential.

I'm going to stand by my Starcraft 2 pick though. Obviously in the face of all the other huge console games it probably won't get consideration, but I'm too big of a fan. Even if they just released what equated to Starcraft 1.5, I'd be a very happy man.

MK_Red3785d ago

Statix, instead of talking a lot, I just give you two examples:
Morrowind and Oblivion. Both are in the same genre. Both real-time and in First Person (FP). So no change of Turn-based to Real-time or change of view her.
Ask anyone that has played both of them and they'll tell you Morrowind is ages better, much deeper and more enjoyable even though Morro had much weaker combat and lower graphics.
Every single fan of the Elder Scrolls series considers Oblivion a seriously watered down version of Morrowind.

That's the real problem with Fallout 3, not just the change of view or becoming real time.

Luca Blight, dude, I'm definitly with you on StarCraft 2. It's my all time fave RTS and among my top 10 fave ever. SC2 will definitly be worthy of GOTY nomination but the thing is that the RTS games are usually ignored during awards time and with all the hype from console games, I think it has a lesser chance that it truly deserves.

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somelikeithot3785d ago

I think I'm looking forward to this game more than any other, the sheer scale of it looks epic and as for having a dog as a partner is genius, much a throw back to mad max 2.

Spike473785d ago

thanks now I'm off to do some fallout 3 reading.

Zhuk3785d ago

I cant wait to play this on Xbox 360

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