What has happened to the cross platform gaming dream?

iTWire writes: "By now shouldn't we all be playing each other at Call of Duty 4 regardless of the hardware we own? What happened to having PC gamers facing off against Xbox 360 owners and then, sharing in-game assets across mobile devices?

It was touted by Bill back at CES 2007 as a major feature of this generation of gaming. Finally the horn locking of young bucks on both sides of the hardware divide could duke it out for bragging rights.

Mr Gates showed of games that allowed PC gamers to link up with Xbox 360 owners of the same title. LIVE was the key, enabling the cross platform magic an soon enough we would find out the answers to such humanity defining questions as 'who are the superior first person shooter's, keyboard and mouse wielders' or gamepad jockeys?'

Bill also gave us glimpses of extending this idea to mobile devices. We could take a creation we had made in a game on either Xbox 360 or Vista based PC, such as a skin for a race car, download it to our phone and share the creation with our mates."

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DontH8DPlayaH8DConsl3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

i'm so tired of Microsoft over promising.....what its capabilities when Microsoft does it and over promising when sony does it. Oh okay so the 360 is capable of cross platform gaming and sony promised 4d graphics and 120fps.../sarcasm\.....

Drekken3781d ago

and my mommy told me there was a santa clause and an easter bunny. /waaaa

White-Sharingan3781d ago

I know the article is about PC/360 but I just wish PS3 could cross-platform game with the 360

Would be nice having a COD match of 360 vs PS3

Would also have a real ranking system between both consoles; since you may be #1 on PSN worldwide but when you check 360 leaderboards that person has a higher score that you

Maybe EA will be the first considering they have "dedicated" private servers, Imagine burnout with 360 and PS3 users in one game

Didnt a PSP game have the ability to play online with the PS3? wasnt it Yugioh? I know both gaming devices are from the same company but that just shows that it is possible for PSN to connect to Live (not saying PSN is inferior btw, but im sure thats the excuse Microsoft would say IMO)

Madmax12819803781d ago

there is a simple solution for this. buy both consoles (like i have) buy both versions of the same game: cod4 (like i have) reason for this is so i can play against my friends on ps3 and 360.

MikeGdaGod3780d ago

nobody wants to play with Bladestar

White-Sharingan3780d ago

@ Madstar- I do have both consoles (check my profile)

but the buying the same game twice is out of the question xD

@ scottie- maybe you dont want to play alongside him, but what about against him? ;]

Alexander Roy3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

Short answer: It died.
Long answer: The companies (MSFT/Sony/Nintendo) aren't really working on it as hard as they could, if at all.

edhe3781d ago

If Sony bought an instance of Live off MSFT then we'd all be happy.

sandip7873781d ago

PSN vs LIVE will NEVER happen. theres too much pride in both company to allow gamers to play against the 'enemy'.

we can hope though.

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The story is too old to be commented.