Editoral: Killzone 2: Previews & Innovation

Killzone Unit writes: "Much love and much hate has divided many gamers over Killzone 2. Of course us fans of the series are eager to jump on any bit of news that seeps out of the Guerrilla wood works. But as always, we must remember that along with every game preview and hands-on sessions, there's good, as well as bad comments to be heard. Many previews which I've personally read bring up some real valid concerns regarding the PlayStation Day build of Killzone 2 and I think it's great that the Guerrilla Games has time to analyze and act upon each concern if they choose to.

Before I go any further, I'd like to mention that this isn't a name calling and finger pointing session, but rather an observation. In a guest Edge Magazine column, Level Up journalist, N'gai Croal wrote about the importance of game previewers writing what they see at the moment they preview a game. I have a similar belief, but when there are somwhat contradictory comments made within these previews, that's when we should start the questioning what we read."

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CViper3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

No one attacked Halo3's Single Player Innovation.
No one attacked COD4's Single Player Innovation.

Everyone is attacking KZ2's Single Player Innovation, without even seeing the multiplayer.

Sony isn't allowed to release games that aren't innovative while Microsoft clearly is. I'm sorry but I'm fed up with every single sony title getting interrogated on Innovation.

Halo3 stole everything from PC shooters.
Gears stole from kill.switch and every other shooter out
Cod4's single player much like Halo3's was skipped by reviewers due to the strong multiplayer, and given passes for being entirely too short. I didn't see anything innovative in either title Single Player.

So where are all of these innovative titles? Since its always a problem for Sony's titles lacking it.

There must be a list or at least 10 AAA titles that have truly innovated this generation to where none of the features ever existed in gaming. If not, I'm sure as hell confused on what Innovation Sony is required to make, when no one else is.

Silogon3786d ago

I agree 100% with what you said. Every time Sony has a game coming out the media jumps on it and starts picking the flaws intensly. They never do this with Halo or Gears or Mass effect or anything on the system really.

They even said Halo 3's sp was short and still adorned it with 10's.

TheExecutive3786d ago

couldnt have said it better myself. Anyone who claims that KZ2 lacks innovation is just searching for something to hate on.

darkshiz3786d ago

It's a industry double standard.

The gaming GOD3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

I mean come on, you think they don't know how critical the U.S. media is on ANYTHING Sony related?

They see how Sony games, ESPECIALLY exclusive games are treated like they ALWAYS have something wrong while Microsoft's games are made out to be perfect gems by the media.

Any flaw from Microsoft's games get overlooked while any flaw from a Sony game is WELL publicized.

But this goes to show how sheep-like the American public as a whole are. If you look at the rest of the world, they don't buy into this whole "Microsoft is God" scenario like the U.S. does.

And what name said below me is also true, it is like the media ONLY looks to Sony for innovation while they say it's ok for Microsoft to just follow the crowd and reap the rewards.

And yes I am American. I'm not trying to hate. But I'm just calling it as I see it

Godoftheweek3786d ago

You have in one post showed without a doubt the BLATANT bias against the PS3. I am beginning to wonder if this double standard was decided soon after the 2006 E3. Up until then Sony was king, but after a forgettable and hugely underwhelming E3 2006, the press seemed ANGRY at Sony for "duping" them on the power of the PS3.

Nintendo can do no wrong even though the have not had a NEW IP since Pikmin in 2003. Microsoft showed a Halo3 trailer that was CLEARLY CG and yet when they showed what the game really looked like, NOT one thing was said about it.

Why the blogs want Sony to fail is beyond me. WE NEED SONY. Can you imagine a world of just Nintendo and Microsoft? No fracking way. A healthy Sony is good for ALL gamers, not the soccermoms.

I really do not care anymore about all the crap sites like Kotaku and Joystiq sling at Sony. As long as Sony keeps on constantly improving the PS3, I will be happy and eventually the rest of these "blogs" will finally pull the giant Mario/Gates Big Stick out of tier collective rearends and review games on an EVEN playing field.

RAmen to you sir and bubbles for you.

Vojkan3786d ago

HARD [email protected]

They know PS3 is not needed, or Sony as hardware maker is not a must and if Sony stops making hardware, they will still stay in software industry just like SEGA and this is where they will get Sony games on their xboxs and Nintendos.
USA is on Sonys neck and wont stop, not now not ever.

SL1M DADDY3786d ago

I will have to say this however; let the media have their day, they hate on Sony and have nearly zero rights to do so these days, especially with what Sony is doing to make their console shine. No matter the mud they sling, I know better and as a Sony fan (a gaming fan at heart) I know that the games and the system are great. Those that fall for the medias over zealous scrutiny of the Sony games and hardware are simple sheep and have no mind of their own to deduce from their own reasoning what games and systems make them happy.

Bolts3786d ago

There's a time and place for innovations, KZ 2 however is not the time nor is it the game for radically innovations. At this stage the formula for what make a good shooter has been perfected and rather than departing from that the fans are more focused on features, 32 players, dedicated servers, player customizations etc etc...

Clinton5143786d ago

It would seem many journos are hanging onto their bitter believe of 4D and what the PS3 "should have been" and continuously judge games based on that.

As someone mentioned, they hold Sony exclusives to one standard and the other consoles at another. Hardly fair.

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name3786d ago

Basically the responsiblity to innovate is put on Sony's shoulders, while microsoft reaps the rewards for doing what's safe. Talk about a thankless job.

pwnsause3786d ago

i laugh when someone says killzone 2 lacks innovation while watching the graphical achievement done in the game, and the first person cover view in the game HHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAH

PoSTedUP3786d ago

very well put man that comment was amazing, bubbles from me. peace and god bless.

funkysolo3786d ago

I see Killzone2 the way I used to look at gears of war preveiw. I'm excited everytime I see it and I hope it gets grittier. I almost would like less color and red would be the only colour palette like blood and red crosses I think it would define Killzone2.

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