Wal-Mart burns $15 Blu-ray disc titles

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. this week began offering select Blu-ray disc titles for $15 and under in the latest bid to spur high-definition sales.

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sonarus3785d ago

I think i'll pick up two

Silogon3785d ago

I need Rambo 2 for my collection but I already have the 1st one on blu-ray and then the trilogy on dvd. I'm on the fence here I'd hate to have my hd collection thrown off but I'd also hate to not add to the worsening American economy here.

OOG3785d ago

o rule the retail world...we know this

Big Jim3785d ago

How can these old movies be in high-def? I thought you had to shoot a movie with high-def cameras in order for them to be in high-def. These old 80s or even 90s movies can't be in true high-def can they?

Meresin3785d ago

If I remember correctly, film actually has a pretty high resolution. It was old storage mediums like VHS and old display mediums like tube TVs that held back consumer video resolutions.

Arutha3785d ago

Most movies filmed are in a resolution above 2K. It's just its taking TV technology awhile to catch up to the higher resolutions.
From Wikipedia on Digital Cinematogrphy:
"In general, it is widely accepted that film exceeds the resolution of HDTV formats and the 2K digital cinema format, but there is still significant debate about whether 4K digital acquisition can match the results achieved by scanning 35mm film at 4K, as well as whether 4K scanning actually extracts all the useful detail from 35mm film in the first place. However, as of 2007 the majority of films that use a digital intermediate are done at 2K because of the costs associated with working at higher resolutions. Additionally, 2K projection is chosen for almost all permanent digital cinema installations, often even when 4K projection is available."
Scroll down to the resolution paragraph.

The thing with older movies is that the film maybe not as pristine and or dirtier then todays films.

Millah3785d ago

Yea I just got back from Wal Mart and saw a couple blu ray titles for 15 bucks, I was tempted to pick up a few of them.

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The story is too old to be commented.