Online Gangster Game Drives By 1.7 Million Subscriptions Mark

Hull-based Omerta Game Ltd, creator of Omerta – an online gangster RPG for PC set in the 1930s today celebrated the registration of its 1.7 millionth subscriber. The company has grown from a two-man volunteer operation in a small Hull office to a multi-national, multi-lingual 22-person business in four countries.

Omerta, a free, text-based massively multiplayer RPG that consumes over 5.5 Terrabytes of data traffic a month, is based on the stories about the legendary don Barafranca. It has been running for over three years and is played daily by 70,000 plus wise guys and all about immersing players into the world of a wannabe mob boss as he or she tries to survive the struggles consistent with holding on to that power.

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