FW 2.40 Is NOT Coming June 10th

sev1512 of writes:
We normally report good news, but its unfortunate that right now I am here to report BAD news.

I have just received word that the elusive, and anticipated firmware update 2.40 for the PlayStation 3 console, will NOT be available for update tomorrow.

I was also told its TRUE that the debug version did have some bugs. Exactly what bugs they are encountering is still unknown.

Rest assured that FW 2.40 is INDEED on its way and all the features we have leaked will be IN the update.

PlayStation LifeStyle will do our best to bring you the exact release date.

We will keep you updated, if any we receive any further information…


Jeff Rubenstein replied on June 9, 2008 at 3:22 pm

You know the drill - a few days before firmware updates, we give you the lowdown. That hasn’t changed.

What else hasn’t changed: if you don’t see it here, take what you read with a grain of salt.

NOTE: The good thing is that this would have been an opportunity for him to debunk FW 2.40 features, if they weren't true.

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Sev3780d ago

Just wanted to give you guys the heads up so there isnt as much disappointment tomorrow.

Breakfast3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

Better to know now...then to be all giddy tomorrow, only to find out its not coming.

TheHater3780d ago

oh well, MGS 4 is coming, and that enough for this week, and this month.

PimpHandHappy3780d ago

thats really the game i want to work perfect online

that and RFOM2

Rofflecopter3780d ago

but ill live. mgs4 will keep me busy. and until thursday, mgs3 will keep me busy (again!).

joeymp3780d ago

Well hopefully next week on the 18th. I don't believe those guys on Neogaf because they were regular members, even if what they said was true and that they actually saw 2.40, they don't know how long its going to take sony to fix the problems. All they said was it might not come until July because of the bugs they saw but they didn't say that sony told them not until july they were just speculating, which makes me think it will come june 18th.

Next week will be huge, Tuesday=Spore Creature Creator demo, and Wednesday=Firmware 2.40

ScentlessApprentice73780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

Tomorrow is my birthday, June 10th. Sony isn't going to give me the privilege of giving me in-game XMB and custom soundtracks ON my birthday??? COME THE F**K ON!!!!

That is donkey d**k.!!!! I guess my best present for my June 10th birthday will be the limited edition MGS4 that I have reserved!.

Tomdc3780d ago

here in england it was already your tomorow when you said that... ? lolz

PR0F3TA3780d ago

Wait up!?!?.... let me get this straight.

this kid spreads a rumor around about a FW release because he has "insider" info, we all praise him because he supposedly knows everything....

then finally when the date comes he tells us "release dates are subject to change" and yet we all praise him yet again for LYING TO US in the first place?!!? WTF??

This makes it 100% clear that there is no "Insider" info and there never will be.

2.40 is coming out soon no doubt, but don't believe anybody who tells you they know exactly when it comes out.

StalkingSilence3780d ago

To be fair,
The original poster of the insider information always caveated his info with the line that it was subject to change. In a world where you want information first, you are going to get some misinformation.

I actually wanted to thank Sev1512 for posting a story admitting there was some wrong information out there. Seriously, how often do you see this? Most will put out rumors, generate traffic then slip into the background.

CrashSharc3780d ago

Dang, this week will suck for the PS3 owners not getting MGS4... oh wait... there are none!

Infernus3779d ago

I read elsewhere that June 10th was incorrect and it was June 18th to look out for. I read that about a week ago...

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Silogon3780d ago

We knew this. July is the date Sony's Eric lampel told everyone just 2 days ago.

solidjun53780d ago

Can you provide the link? Usually Eric doesn't say anything!

Sev3780d ago

True Eric Lempel hasnt said anything. If he had it would be all over the net.

Silogon3780d ago

not Eric, I'm sorry it was the man posting in Grace's post the night of the Psn update. Eitherway, it was confirmed that it wouldn't come till July.

I know for a fact they said it cause I was knee deep in a dispute with the guys crying about the late update and the xmb came up.

Sev3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

Also not true. In which make believe world did this happen?

I just went through 32 pages of comments, the night of the PS Store update.

EDIT: There are 2 replies in the whole blog article, and both were from Jeff Rubenstein and neither of them said anything about FW updates either way.

Silogon3780d ago

That entry got to over 3000 post man. They took out so much garbage that night, so the only thing that isn't true here is your insinuation that I'm not telling the truth.

znu3780d ago

hey silogon

do you know that i can fly,it was posted in a forum, but it got deleted.

But you so have to believe me... why, o, why would u incinuate that im lieing, i just don't have any proof, but you'll take my word on it, right :)

Silogon3780d ago

Znu believe what you want, man. It's not hitting until July so sorry. It was stated by a member of the psn staff in red border on the psblog.

Ri0tSquad3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

If he did then link us to it. Shut us up and show us the proof then.

The whole July rumor started on NeoGaf. I know another source that said it was definitely coming in June. He said he would be surprised if we weren't staring at in-game XMB the day MGS4 came out. If were not then it should come soon after its release.

joeymp3780d ago

Sorry we just cant believe you, you should have taken a picture. I highly doubt someone from Sony said something in the comment section about 2.40 coming out, they love to keep their lips shut, you probably couldn't use Chinese water torture to get them to tell you.

Mc Fadge3780d ago

Spreads horrible lies and should be banished to the open zone.

StalkingSilence3780d ago

Hurry Siligon!
You're running out of bubbles!

Black_Jack3780d ago

hahaha znu, u killed him with that comment... bubble for you my friend, just for making me laugh.

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butterfinger3780d ago

Rumors are rumors, but we'll get it eventually:)

Angelitos3780d ago

It will be available June 12 :)

Yoma3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

I think it'll be out next month

But I hope it will be out this though.

Marceles3780d ago

The blog is gonna riot lol..."BUH BUH JUNE 10TH!" (flood flood crash) I would be nice if it came this week, or at least this month though.

solidjun53780d ago

To be honest with you, it sucks not having it. But hey, what can you do. If it has bugs, then it has to be ironed out. I rather not have it crash on me while i'm accessing the Xross media bar. Trust me, i'm dissapointed but like I said, you can't get angry about it cause it changes nothing. I know people blood are going to boil, so i implore everyone that it's not really bad and getting angry won't really amount to much.

athlon7703780d ago

The last thing we need is to have a firmware update that bricks systems (ie 360 first year out).

Give us stable firmware updates we are accustomed to. It may have been branded the "delaystation", but I will take a delay over a bricked system anyday.