ScrewAttack Top 10 FPS Games Ever!

The most dominant genre in gaming today, Stuttering Craig takes a glimpse at the best of the best... EVER! See more fun at

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Breakfast3785d ago

Completely agree...CS should have been higher....thats it.

mattnz3785d ago

swap COD4 and HALO around.

Tomdc3785d ago

Duke Nukem shouldn't be on there

COD4 should be lower, the point it made about which game are you still playing now didn't apply to me. COD4 online ticks me off cos I can't play with my friends on it because its messed up.

I'm playing Resistance =)

My Favourite PS3 FPS, Shouldav been on the list!

kewlkat0073784d ago

you on crack there buddy...:-)

rexor07173784d ago

I have never played a game with such creative weapons as Resistance, replace COD4 with Halo in position, and drop Bioshock, I found the actual gameplay to be bland.

PSMonster213784d ago

Dude resistance was a great game. Your the one on crack. I still find myself going back to that game. Hell I find myself playing resistance more than CoD4 and i've had Resistance since 06.

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SUP3R3785d ago

Hell Yeah!
Definitely one of the best top 10 lists ever done.
Goldeneye is hands down the BEST FPS ever.
At that time my cousin was the only person I knew who had a copy, cuz my parents refused to buy it for me, so I spent weeks at a time over at his house just to play Goldeneye.
lol good times.

rucky3785d ago

Dang!.... for once I actually agree on one of these top ten list crap. Good to see Halo 1 which was actually the best out of the three. I was actually waiting for a Battlefield series but that game didn't really have a singleplayer and having a lot of vehicles kinda took out it being a pure FPS game.

vic_doom3785d ago

a great list.
bout time someone got one right

Kleptic3784d ago

that was actually an excellent list imo...only thing I would have changed would be to get Doom 3 the hell out of there, and have Doom II in its place...Doom 3 was a huge disappointment for me...

I also may have switched Halo 1 for halo 2, I prefered the dual wielding/sword/weaker pistol of 2...pluse the online capabilities in 2 over 1...both had crap single player campaigns imo, so that is irrelevant...but I enjoyed Halo 2 the most because of its online...

its a bold claim to have a console shooter at number 1...PC fans will cringe at the thought of that...but there is no denying the awesomeness that was, and still is, 007...

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