New Dead Island Screenshots

Techland has just released three new screenshots from their upcoming zombie game Dead Island. Just hit the jump and click on Gallery to view them.

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Bob Dole3785d ago

Bob Dole can't wait 'till zombies take over. He has a loaded shotgun and a bottle of Wild Turkey 101 in a lock-box just for the occasion.

On topic: When does this game come out? Bob Dole would definatly buy a 360 for something like this.

Dannagar3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

I love Zombie games. Hadn't heard of this one. The pictures look good. I hope it has good game play.

Silogon3785d ago

Looks great but another pc buy for me. I'm upgrading my card soon and I'm going to be switching my gaming focus even more than I am right now. I can play Crysis right now but not at full settings, after my new card I'll be able to play just about anything.

I'm slowly turning my interest away from the ps3 and xbox 360 and console gaming as a whole due to the fact casual gaming is taking over and Sony or Microsoft isn't doing anything but helping it along.

PoSTedUP3785d ago

wow.........looks crazy

timmyrulz3785d ago

Microsoft and Sony are too busy battling each other to realise which road gaming is going down