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Huxley is a massively multiplayer online first person shooting game utilizing the Unreal 3 engine that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. Human beings have mutated and are divided into two opposing races, Sapiens and Alternative, who are forced to battle against one another to gain control of the world and its resources.

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TheMART4442d ago

Who needs...

UT2007? When Huxley will be here

Resistance 40 ppl online? When you can have 5.000 in Huxley?

kmis874442d ago

Who needs...

Genres? When you can compare MMOs to other games at random.

Gears 8 ppl online? When you know it must obviously suck because you can have many more than that in other games?

TheMART4442d ago

you know why I mentioned the 5000 players?

Just because Sony fanboys claim that resistance with 40 ppl must be better then Gears with 8.

So thanks for just making the point that was impliciet in my story.

But still in the Sony's fanboy view, more is better. So 5.000 is better then 40. Right?

anyways, COD3 is better then Resistance. And COD3 version on 360 is better then PS3 version. So we all know now there is nothing to buy a PS3 for at this point in time

kmis874442d ago (Edited 4442d ago )

Sorry, but my post was also mocking people who bashed Gears for 8 player online, as well as you for mocking Resistance. You'll see my first comment on comparing genres at random also applies to the whole Gears vs Resistance thing. However, I should have been more clear on my intentions on that one.

The Sony fanboy (or any fanboy) view is not "more is better," but actually "mine is better and everyone else's sucks," so there is really no point trying to convince Sony or MS fanboys either way.

And I don't know where you're getting this COD3 is better than Resistance information from. Gamerankings and Metacritic seem to think that Resistance was slightly better. They also say that COD3 was better on the ps3, but I think that this is just because there are more 360 reviews in at the moment. The 360 version seems like the better version because of the odd framerate issues in the ps3 version.

Evoluti0n4442d ago're an idiot if you think that.

The great 14442d ago

GOW might be eye candy of a game to look at but it's not fun to play, and RFOM is better than COD 3, we've had COD before and it looks better and better,. but it's the same game, also RFOM is a wild new FPS which offers action, which i always thought FPS were about, i mean it's unreal that you MS fanboys would bash a FPS title, i was always under the impression, XBox name was built on FPS; and what is even funnier is that PS3 has the best FPS game out right now, lol you know i'm right there, i mean if this were a Xbox 360 game it would be like the next comming in FPS, you might like to compare GOW all you want but at the end of the day i don't really care about GOW, it's not my kind of game, it looks good, but it plays crap, there not much action in it, the dialouge is terrible, i mean there pointless swear words that really ruin the game, i mean i always heard Xbox owners saying it was an adult console, but i don't understand why they thk that because Xbox games have a habbit of bad dialouge, they believe a few swear words make it an adult game, i mean look at the horrible PARIAH game, that had horrible dialouge, yes that was a game you Xboxers would rather forget about, horrible gameplay, it tried to use a similar style to Duke Nukem because it took like 50 hits to kill the bad guy i felt, and failed misriably.

PS: You can buy a 360 everywhere, i don't thk people are to interested here in the UK, people are either not bothered about gamming and if they get a console they will get a PS3 because it's Sony, it's a better name, It's got better games, it's nicer colours and stuff, but they here the word Xbox and they are imediately put off, but what is really funny is that anybody who bought a Xbox last time round bought it because they are power freaks (NERDS), so they only managed 25M and there is 100M+ PS3 owners, so anybody buying a Xbox is just the existing Xbox 1 owners because there Xbox 1 has been abandoned!

Wotbot4442d ago

Idiot is a better name for you, ha ha.

I live in the UK and I don't know any one who is going to purchase a PS3 at £425. They all want one including me, but at £425 at the moment is a waist of money.

And I now know more people who are playing games on a 360 than any other console. All my friend who own a PS2 are not buying games at the moment. Their PS2 is a dust collector.

One more thing how do you know RFOM plays better than GOW? You may have played GOW but I doubt you have played RFOM.

By the way I think RFOM looks cool and I will purchase it. But I wont purchase the game because its on a Sony console, it will because its a good game.

Marriot VP4442d ago

reviews say it all

Gears - 95%
Resistance - 88%

The Snake4442d ago

"GOW might be eye candy of a game to look at but it's not fun to play"

For your information, this is where you lost all credibility. Also just so you know, you should actually play the game before you proclaim that there's "not a lot of action" as if you knew what you were talking about.

TheSadTruth4442d ago

You're an idiot... GoW isn't fun to play? XBOX is for nerds? Someone so stupid doesn't deserve a response. You live in England but speak horrible English so I would recommend going to school once in a while instead of whacking off to Resistance.

NextGen24Gamer4442d ago

I have both. And everyone who has came over my house to play Resistance feels the same way. COD3 is much more fun to play...the graphics are notibly more detailed than Resistance...And online COD3 is super fun and improves upon COD2 which was fantastic. Resistance is Good. Its not bad by any means...Its just not as polished as I would have expected from Sony's premier title...Mid to high 8 is what I would have given it. And on GameRankings thats just what the average score is. "8".

COD3 is being reviewed with much tougher standards due to the amazing launch title which averaged a 91 percent with all reviews on GameRankings. Yes COD3 is better than COD2...but its not the major leap that reviewers were looking for. To me, it is a major leap. Graphically its much better, gameplay is slightly refined...and online play is better. But with COD2 getting 90s and up...I think it was wise to keep the core game the same.....But thats my opinion and all the reviews have been in the 8's and 9s which is the sign of another AAA great title for the 360. And of course we all know that the 360 version of every 3rd party game runs better and plays better.
Thanks Microsoft

kmis874442d ago

I read on IGN that NBA 2k7 is better on the ps3. Blanket assessments like "everygame is better on x system" just won't hold up. Eventually it comes down to developers putting in the time to make each game as good as possible.

I'm so jealous of you, btw. My preorder got delayed to "sometime before Christmas," while you got one. Oh well, I hope you enjoy it. I guess I'll have to make due with Zelda, Guitar Hero 2, and trying to score one of those 360's from Amazon. I convinced my friend to get Gears, even though he wasn't very interested in it, so I have that to look forward too as well.