USA Hardware and Software weekly ending July 19th

PS4 takes top spot on hardware , while Mario Kart8 stays on top of the software charts.

PS4 46,473
XOne 34,949
3DS 25,919
WiiU 23,386
X360 14,167
PS3 6,784
Wii 2,931
PSV 2,401
PSP 409

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XiSasukeUchiha3654d ago

PS4 again not surprise here, so folks who do you think next week's chart is on the next episode of VGChartz!

Cindy-rella3654d ago

the playstation 4 is really a good console from what I've seen and played. i should have my ps4 and the last of us in a few days and i can't wait.

KwietStorm_BLM3654d ago

Why do I read your name like Popeye pronouncing it lol

ncc-0173654d ago

congrats! enjoy your PS4.

morganfell3654d ago

So according to this average the PS4 will finish the month about 48,000 units ahead of the X1? See why vgchartz is crap an xbox fan makes up in his basement.

So much for the mods telling me changes were coming to N4G that would put an end to this sort of tripe.

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mochachino3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

VG is always completely wrong this gen. There's no point releasing these articles anymore, it's less accurate than guessing. Last gen they were fairly close but this gen VG is completely off every month.

The site has a decent forum and news section and is useful in that respect but for sales numbers it's useless.

It should just hold off posting numbers and keep a tally of the official sales figures from reputable companies. For the past three months it has had xone ahead or neck and neck with PS4 each week, then NDP comes out. It's embarrassing itself at this point.

Software_Lover3654d ago

It has had Xbone ahead for the past 3 months?

Please show me where.

aceitman3654d ago

they made adjustments after the npd sales figures came out, but they did have x1 outselling the ps4 many times , but have fixed the numbers. (after)

aceitman3654d ago

@software here is a couple.that I found that didn't get deleted by mods from the forum.
http://gamrconnect.vgchartz... here is a couple vgc screw ups

Boody-Bandit3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )


You've been around long enough to know how vgchartz over tracks MS more so than any other company or publisher.

vgchartz over tracked the X1 by 100k a few months back. 100k! That was blatant.

They are notorious for inflating MS numbers. When NPD hits they adjust them back down at their leisure.

They are nothing but a hit machine yet here we are and here N4G owners and mods allow them to stay. Gee I wonder why?

Software_Lover3654d ago

I don't make it a habit of going into VG chart articles. Sorry. I do peak every now and then but I PERSONALLY have never seen them for 3 months straight have the XBone outselling the ps4.

Proof was shown.

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TekoIie3654d ago

And yet we all still come back to VGChartz, and post the exact same thing as last week...

MysticStrummer3654d ago

Some people react differently if their console wins weekly or monthly than if it loses. It's interesting to watch and it happens on all sides to a certain extent.

TekoIie3654d ago

I agree, but it just feels redundent.

MysticStrummer3654d ago

Yeah it is, but it's the kind of thing that's the bread and butter of N4G. Fanboy argument fodder. Plus, vgchartz has N4G links so they feed off each other.

Boody-Bandit3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

"Plus, vgchartz has N4G links so they feed off each other."

Hit zombies

On topic:
I rarely post under a vgc article but my gaming room had an accident (water heater blew) and I'm bored. Damn water heater. Oh and Zombies

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user74029313654d ago

damn xbox one started at the bottom and its been downhill ever since. good ps4 numbers.

Darkstares3654d ago

According to this list the PSP is at the bottom and XBox One is #2.

I wonder when Sony will drop the price of the PS3?

classic193654d ago

lol, started at the bottom in still there.. i do expect the x1 to sell between 5 to 7 hundred thousand x1's a month for about 3 months ar so when it releases WW.. ps4 will stay atop this gen though.. lol at the started at the bottom..

XiRockLee3654d ago

xbox one why are you number two :P

Goku7813654d ago

PS4 is like mike in his prime Jackson, Jordon, Tyson, pick one. Just crushing the competition, there is no competition! pS4 is a Baaaaad Man! I say again, the Champ is here!

vivid833654d ago

I see what you did there lol