Rumor: Duke Nukem Forever Nuking Xbox 360

Kombo Reports: "Rumors are running rampant once again on this title and despite it being announced as a multiplatform game, the latest rumor is pointing to an Xbox 360 release."

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Silogon4853d ago

Rumor, no one cares. This game is going to be just like every fps out there only with some tough talking cheese thrown into the mix. Another rumor every 3rd party game will be on the system it doesn't appear on 1st.

Montrealien4853d ago

I care, and you have no right to speak for everyone.

livespawn4853d ago

meh. i got both so what ever happens

Rick Astley4853d ago (Edited 4853d ago )

The same information is posted on the PS3 page of Duke Nukem Forever too, not just 360.

RUMORED for 360.

jackdoe4853d ago

I thought it was already confirmed for PS3/360 along with the PC version months ago?

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The story is too old to be commented.