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Mostafeto2644d ago

I like the idea of having two touchpads in a controller instead of buttons but I hope they work properly and also that left stick will help if they go wrong

XiSasukeUchiha2644d ago

I guess their intial idea fail!

Imp0ssibl32644d ago

It's an ongoing process, for sure. This might not be the final revision, either.

ATi_Elite2644d ago


And FAIL are words that shall NEVER go together in the same sentence, even I can't do it.

Majin-vegeta2644d ago

Well they fell at the ability to count to 3.

karamsoul2644d ago

Maybe they could go with two options on release? A controller with sticks and one with pads?

Bodge2644d ago

Buy a 360 controller then.

TXIDarkAvenger2644d ago

I wouldn't mind having both options. Though I personally haven't used their current controller so I don't know how good that feels in comparison to having analog sticks.

ichizon2644d ago

No comment on having removed the middle touchpad? There were a bunch of changes if this is true, actually.

The old alpha controller:
Old example bindings for Portal 2:
New controller:

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