Madden NFL 15 Ratings: Top 5 Running Backs

GoodGameBro writes, "Here are the Top 5 Running Backs in Madden NFL 15 along with a new screenshot, their statistics from last season and analysis from Madden Ratings Czar Donny Moore."

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JetsFool35002566d ago

Matt Forte is not better than Marshawn Lynch

Kevin263852566d ago

That's why their both 95 overalls ;)

NoobJobz2566d ago

Both 95 and different styles. Marshawn is no doubt the better runner. But forte can do it all. He's an valuable player in the passing game as well where Marshawn is not.

JetsFool35002566d ago

Yeah but Marshawn Lynch is way more reliable than forte. Forte cant stay healthy

Kevin263852565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

@JetsFool3500 Forte can't stay healthy? He has missed 5 games in his 6 year career.

Software_Lover2566d ago

I still can't believe AP has 6 kids. I mean wtf?

NoobJobz2566d ago

Finally Matt Forte is getting some love. I've always thought he was underrated.

iceman062566d ago

Finally, some love for JC!!! He was SOOOO underrated (by NFL many NFL fans)...until he started scoring tons of points in people's fantasy league last year. Now, people see what a talent he has been thus far.

DougLord2565d ago

I scored him in 2nd round last year. Probably won't happen again! :(

Truth2565d ago

As long as they're bringing back franchise mode... that's what I really care about. I've been updating my rosters through flash drives since Madden 12 because of the franchise mode cut. Smh