Will Wright Feels Bad for Killing People in GTA IV

Despite being both brilliant and probably a genius, Will Wright has proved that he is indeed human above all other things.

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Telmarine3878d ago

This realism is realy getting to some people....

I wish GTA IV would stop being so realistic and instead be creative

Silogon3878d ago

I feel bad for Will cause he's so invested in the wii and Nintendo. Then again, I think I feel worse for him cause he actually sat thru the terrible game Gta4 to begin with.

cyclindk3877d ago

The people in GTA IV are so fake I don't feel bad at all running them over; Now, Bioshock...I felt bad when choosing the "bad" route through the game on the second play through (I chose the good route the first time).

PS360WII3877d ago

Before you go bad mouthing Will Wright he has GTA III as a game he really is impressed with and thought it brought a lot to game development. He just doesn't like that you can kill in it that's all.

beavis4play3877d ago

hasn't that thing been in dev. forever?

SlyGuy3877d ago

Spore was in development before Pong I believe.

danarc3877d ago

I know...

Will, get out your chair, stop playing GTA and finish Spore for 'us, will you? Thanks.

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