New Star Wars: The Force Unleashed screenshots

Lucas Arts published new screenshots of their next Star Wars game. Check them out.

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CViper3781d ago

everytime i see this game its getting downgraded.

[email protected]3781d ago

Are those screen from the Xbox360 & PS3... cuz it look like Wii & PS2 screenshot 2 me o.O

Kal11383781d ago

Really? Those look like Wii/PS2 screens to you? The only thing wrong I see with the pics, is a weird green tint they have, or they're just overly saturated.

Take a look at the pic where the apprentice has jumped over the rancor. There are 2 of those pics. One is the "new" one and the other one's the old pic.

hay3780d ago

What the hell's with those colors?

thesummerofgeorge3780d ago

I'm so stoked for this game, looks awesome.

Doppy3780d ago

Agreed I've never bought a Star Wars game before, but this looks like it might be worth the purchase.

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