Left 4 Dead and Dead Rising Will Prepare You for a Zombie Apocalypse

Ask any zombie buff -- the possibility of a world overrun by the living dead looms like a dark cloud over humanity. Are you ready? Will you know what to do when well-meaning scientists unleash a brain-rotting plague or when a curse causes long deceased loved ones to claw their way out of earthen pits?

Of course not -- contending with the constant demands of today's society doesn't leave most of us with time to think about things like whether a raid on an abandoned grocery store is best done alone, with a group, at night... or not at all. So here are a few study aides to help you defend yourself against a necrotizing neighbor in the ensuing chaos.

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Silogon3784d ago

I'll be buying it for the pc if anything. I wanted it for PS3 cause I love the controller but now it's only on xbox 360 or Pc I'll opt for the version that has the most customization and since my new computer can run about anything, this'll no doubt be put to good use.

Boldy3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

I'm still debating on what to get Left 4 Dead on. The best platform to play it on is the PC but I really want to play with my friends and get achievements so right now I'm leanin towards the Xbox version. I could get both but I don't really want to spend that much for one game.

TheIneffableBob3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

The PC version has achievements as well.

They're not tied to your Windows Live ID, but they're still essentially the same achievements.

OOG3784d ago

if I buy this one it will be for 360 just for the co op with friends

InMyOpinion3784d ago

Is there any game you wouldn't rather get on PC?

And you think the PS3 controller is better for FPS's than the 360 controller?

Wow! Color me surprised lol!

How come you own a 360 if you think it's crap?

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th3james3784d ago

since i was 7 i have planed for an appocolypse

Lyan3784d ago

I take it your parents are fundamentalist Christians eh?

Bob Dole3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

Bob Dole kills zombies daily. Don't tell anybody but there's a secret research facility in Oklahoma where zombies are made/bred/killed for sport. It's kind of like a country club. But we hunt the most dangerous game: Man(with no motor skills).

Nevers3784d ago

I thought this article was gonna detail the Limited Edition L4D coming with gauze, hammer, and shotgun, Jk.

Lessons about the zombie invasion I learned from playing Dead Rising >

1 ~ Shoot for the head. If that doesn't work just keep shooting.
2 ~ Conserve. Conserve. Conserve. Quit shooting. It's dead. Now, eat... but only a little, but keep running at the same time.
3 ~ Saving people is dangerous. People are idiots. If it's you or them, make it be them. Yes, even if she's really really hot, just run.

... now, when's the next Dead Rising coming?

ISA_Scum3784d ago

Well, couldn't be any worse than how George Romero has taught us to plan for the apocalypse. Seriously, if people were that dumb in light of the world being taken over by zombies, we would all deserve to die. Hopefully commonsense prevails with this title. I may pick it up for PC, but I hate FAT MAN GABE. Stupid whinny, lazy, fat bum of a developer.

thekingofMA3783d ago

i know youre a ps3 fan, so do you actually hate gabe newell, or do you just dislike him because he deeply loathes the ps3?