GameSpy: Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2 Review

GameSpy writes: "For over ten years now, the Hot Shots Golf series has been providing PlayStation fans with lighthearted links action that is simple enough for casual players to enjoy yet deep enough for experienced players to get into as well. Recently, the first PS3 entry in the series mixed things up by introducing a new swing meter. This new PSP version, however, retains the traditional method of hitting the ball, which should please Hot Shots purists and those used to playing the original Open Tee.

This game's predecessor was one of the finest titles available during the early days of the PSP, and for the most part, very little has changed in this sequel. You still take control of an adorable, large-headed golfer and play through your choice of modes: Training, Stroke Play (the standard golf game), or Challenge (where you compete to unlock new characters, items, and courses). On the surface, the game may be a bit too similar to the original for some people. Dig deeper, however, and you'll find all sorts of new features that add to the overall experience."

-Hot Shots Golf remains very fun
-New Challenge mode features allow for more interaction
-Online multiplayer

-It's still quite similar to the previous Open Tee game
-Online lobbies are limited

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