IGN: NovaStrike Review - Stay out of the cockpit for this dogfight

IGN writes: "Stop me if you've heard this one before – a horrible empire of aliens descends upon a group of worlds in the galaxy, threatening to annihilate everyone on their surface. The lone hope for humanity lies in the hands of a pilot and his experimental craft, which flies off to face impossible odds and almost certain death. That's part of the basic premise behind NovaStrike, the new PSN title from Tiki Games. Unfortunately, a bland premise, weak gameplay and poor visuals make this title completely forgettable.

There is practically no story to speak of within NovaStrike's Campaign mode – in the future, humans have obviously colonized several worlds across the galaxy. An alien race known as the Draelus have started invading these worlds, attacking settlements, and killing anyone they find. Fortunately, humanity has a single hope in you, a young pilot who flies the Scythe, an experimental fighter built from half human and Draelus technology. It's up to you to use your piloting skills to repel the invaders, protect the settlements, and destroy any chance of the aliens gaining a foothold on these worlds."

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BlackIceJoe3781d ago

Wow that is a bad score. I for one liked the game. I may wish your ship was bigger but that is not that big of a deal to me.

Silogon3781d ago

Another wrong review. This is what kills me about these review guys. They're so biased and out and out unprofessional about everything they do cause they see the Avgn doing it it seems they have to be cool and do it to.

Novastrike is just like an updated Raid on Bungling bay and that is awesome. It is like Bosconia and actually has depth, unlike Stardust.

Bazookajoe_833781d ago

Since when did these shooters have any story?