IGN: The Incredible Hulk Review - Apparently, The Mediocre Hulk was already taken

IGN writes: "Three years ago Radical Entertainment surprised critics and fans alike by delivering the high-quality Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. A good movie-licensed comic-book game is a very rare thing. The open-world Hulk game was infused with a sly sense of humor, some decent story missions and a slew of fun mini-games. Three years and a console generation later, Edge of Reality gives us a near identical game, but adds a fully destructible New York City. And yet, the new Incredible Hulk is a far weaker game that misses out on some of the fun things Radical did with Ultimate Destruction.

Though Incredible Hulk is based on the movie, little of the story is represented in the game. You begin with Bruce Banner under duress in Rio, cornered by the government and about to be captured. He becomes the Hulk and you battle your way to escape. The next eight hours seem to have no relation to the movie as Hulk battles to free New York from the grasps of the Enclave. The storyline wraps up with a few recreations of scenes from the film, but it all comes off a bit disjointed. It doesn't help that the cut-scenes are poorly compressed and often last just a few seconds."

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MK_Red3808d ago

Why IGN says Hulk: Ultimate Destruction was a good movie-licensed comic-book game!? It was NOT a movie based game!

The previous Hulk movie got it's own movie based game simply titled Hulk and it suck. The Ultimate Destruction was released a year later and was a completely different game and with no relation to the movie or its aweful game. That's why The Ultimate Destruction was awesome because it was not a movie game.

Back to topic, the game at least looks to be better than Iron Man's game :D

Nevers3807d ago

...but I'll proly enjoy smashing the holy hell outta the environment. I'll proly end up getting this used for sh!t$ and giggles.