UGO: Dead Space Hands-on Preview

UGO writes: "As survival horror games go, Dead Space is definitely of a different breed. At first glance it's hard to think anything but "Resident Evil 4 in Space," but there's clearly something else going on here. I went hands-on with the game at a recent EA event to see just what sort of new and interesting aliens I would be decapitating in this harsh future.

In a lot of ways, Dead Space mimics System Shock. You're in a space station and shit has gone really, really wrong. Decks are blown out, there's zero gravity in large chunks of the ship and it's pretty well infested with beasties.

Thankfully you've got a nice, high-tech suit to keep you from harm. It's loaded to the gills with everything you'd need on an interspace mission: O2 tanks for space walks, large, high-tech guns, shiny, glowing diodes. Really, what more could you need? It's in this suit that you'll be traversing the game's environments. If the demo level is any indication, don't expect these to be sun-dripped meadows, either. Dead Space is about being creepy and derelict. Property values have plummeted."

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