Sony not competing with Microsoft, Nintendo

You'd think that after the buzz the PS3 has been getting lately, Sony would be a little more confident in itself. Analysts are predicting major victory for the PS3 and it even got a (pseudo) political endorsement. Yuichi Ejiri, general manager of sales and marketing at Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong, wasn't completely ecstatic about his product.

According to Dow Jones, Ejiri "conceded that competition in the game console market is intensifying with rivals Microsoft Corp. and Nintendo Co. offering cheaper devices," an odd concession from a Sony official on the day the PS3 launched in his own territory. The Hong Kong 60GB PS3, priced at HK$3,780 (or $485 US, those lucky bastards), is competition for HD-DVD, or so Ejiri says...

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TheMART4350d ago

Yup at this moment they do both half (games/next gen video).

Doing something not to the max, results in a less offer.

And you see it in the games now. Resistance is nothing more then COD3 with aliens added, RR7 looks less then RR6 from a year ago on 360, COD3 on PS3 lacks quality as it is high quality on 360, online features are cut on Tony Hawk and other games...

etc etc etc

This Christmas, 360 has killer apps in front. Like Gears of War, like Viva Piniata, like the only right version of COD3...

bilal4350d ago

are u trying to sell ur 360 at a good price? becuase it looks like that u are

power of Green 4350d ago

He's doing pretty good I guess his marketing skillzz were sharpend from from you guy's leading away as sale's men for the last year.

Weapon X4349d ago (Edited 4349d ago )

We're gamin'!!! & I love my PS3! What a marvelous machine it is. Oh, did I mention: These are very, very exciting times to be alive!?? For it is worth every second I stood in line! No one can take this feeling away from me.

ok, Back to Resistance and a big fat, phatty. ta-ta

DC RID3R4349d ago

YOU sound like a complete c0cksucker!!!

if you were standing in front of me, i'd completely beat the fuk outta you, then piss on your face you fa99ot!!!

out of YOU and akira, i don't know who's the bigger pu**y!!!

go suck a d1ck you bit*h!!!

Maddens Raiders4349d ago (Edited 4349d ago )

What on God's green Earth was that about?

DJ4349d ago

What're you smoking Mart? You have Gears and...yeah, you've got Gears.

RR7- 1080p/60FPS, and yes, it looks better than RR6.
You can downplay 40 players all you want, but people in the real world are talking about it and wondering why Gears only has 8.

It's understandable that you ignore the multiplatform titles that look and perform better on PS3 (Madden, NBA 2K7, Fight Night, etc), but seriously, give it up.

DEIx15x84349d ago

I don't have time to say everything you said that is wrong so i'm just going to tell you what you said that is accurate. Your name is DJ and thats where the truth ends.
Just a few days ago you were yelling at all the 360 people for being on here when GOW was out so why r u here if the PS3 is out. Were you unable to get one? If that is the case you shouldn't say anything about anything since you don't know since you haven't played it and if you do have one why aren't you playing it, does it suck that much that it's more fun to talk to someone with a 360 than to play a PS3?

marionz4349d ago (Edited 4349d ago )

i know plenty of people that are hyped about viva pinata, yes girls and kids especially, but with a kids show and merchandise, it will be the pokemon/animal crossing of the xbox, and thats pretty big

djtek1844349d ago

why is that every damn arcticle posted, people gotta mention gow! im sick of reading gow this gow that! ok we establis that this is a great game , but please get over it and stick to the article!

PS360PCROCKS4349d ago

hey dude GOW is pretty sweet! :) jk jk

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