Joystiq Video: PS3 Network voice and video chat

From Joystiq: "No sooner did we sign up for the PlayStation Network than we got our very first friend request from CheapyD who, perhaps not coincidentally, tipped us off to the Network going live earlier that day. We fired up a voice chat -- after setting up our regular USB headset (thank you Sony!) -- and things worked perfectly. But it was just regular, old, boring voice chat, so Cheapy plugged in his PS2 EyeToy camera which worked instantly (our Xbox Live Vision Cam, however, simply snickered, "What? Were you serious?")."

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JasonXE4355d ago

All they had to talk about was how bad the xbox 360 headset was and then at the end ERROR ERROR ERROR. Maybe they should invest money on a better connection then complain about MS...error...

shikwan4355d ago

It's sad that they say the thing has better audio than 360 yet if you watch the video it gets choppy. I PERSONALLY have never been in a video chat (even with 3 video feeds playing Billiards), and seen it get choppy AT ALL. BESIDES I want to see how their freinds/messanging features work IN-GAME...which is where it counts.

Maddens Raiders4355d ago

That connection looked and sounded great. Gotta try it out.

uxo224355d ago (Edited 4355d ago )

Guys, look at the poster of this story. This story was purely therapy for wounded Sony fans that need some inspiration. I wouldn't be so critical of Kingboy's post if he was able to say something nice about the 360 every now and then. Anyway yes, I own both systems. It's kinda funny how they don't seem to mind sitting next to each other under my TV. Why would that guy plug a XBOX camera into his PS3, what did he think would happen. I wish his sh!t would have expolded..haha

I think both systems are great, and I will exploit their advantages in future purchases. When a cool PS3 game comes out, then I will buy it. And the same goes for my 360.

DJ4355d ago

The little comment about the Vision Cam was pretty funny too.

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