EA exceeds Wall Street expectations

Video game publisher Electronic Arts has reported better-than-expected revenue and profit for the first quarter, driven by robust sales of titles such as Titanfall, digital revenue and cost control.

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Godmars2902253d ago

Yeah...they get to ignore consumer complaints because their stockholders are happy.

Once again consumers, you fail yourself...

I say "consumers" cause I really doubt enough gamers are buying Madden.

Pandamobile2253d ago

Right, because it's totally appropriate to disparage people that play sports games.

TheWackyMan2252d ago

let em wallow in their own shame.

Volkama2252d ago

Consumers suck. As an official gamer I am so much better than consumers. And definitely not one of them myself. Stupid consumers.

Tedakin2252d ago

"driven by robust sales of titles such as "Titanfall"

Come on, everyone knows Titanfall was a huge failure.

mydyingparadiselost2252d ago

Another example of a [email protected]#& business doing well on wall street in spite of itself and its failures. Nice going free market.