The Godfather Blu-ray Soon (September)


Here's something you Godfather fans might want to check out this morning: A column over on Blocks and Files (a data storage news website) about the recently completed restorations of the films, done over at Warner Bros. Motion Picture Imaging. Of key note is this comment at the end:

"The restoration effects are dramatic. The beautifully restored Godfather trilogy will be re-released in September, prompting, no doubt, hundreds of thousands of DVD sales and, hopefully, Blu-ray disk sales as well. Only with Blu-ray will the full richness of tone and detail in Coppola's masterpiece transfer to home screens. Perhaps this will be the Blu-ray offer that home movie screen viewers cannot refuse."

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eagle213876d ago

So Transformers and The Godfather in :)

butterfinger3876d ago

I was expecting it to take a while longer for the Godfather to hit blu ray. Now I just want Star Wars and Indiana Jones ASAP!!

TheExecutive3876d ago

i am suprised that people actually buy these old movies on bluray. What resolution do you suppose these movies were actually shot it? 1920x1080??

butterfinger3876d ago

of these old movies on blu ray? They look incredible! Do you think all new movies are shot in 1920x1080? I certainly hope not.

eagle213876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

Once you see Blade Runner on Blu-ray please come back and tell me, bro, I just didn't

Blu-ray films are restored to look a gazillion times better than they ever looked or could have dreamed of looking when they were originally shot! Did you read what Warner just said above? Geeesh!

lsujester3876d ago

35mm film has more enough "resolution" (film doesn't have lines of resolution like digital displays, but can be comparatively figured) to fulfill 1920x1080.

Film actually comes out to around 2500x1400 resolution. The only problem is that in the past, the equipment used to transfer the film over to displays wasn't sophisticated enough to get in all of the detail.

Now that the equipment has caught up, we'll be seeing many of these old movies in silky smooth HD.

TheExecutive3876d ago

huh, I always stayed away from older films because i was told they dont do much more than upscale them... will have to check out. Thanks for the info

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