Mid 2008 FFXIII News Wrap-up: Nomura Mislead Us

The past five and a bit months have been hard on fans eagerly awaiting news and developments regarding Final Fantasy 13 and Final Fantasy Versus 13. News has been few and far between, and not to mention in desperate need of deciphering. Here is the wrap on all the game-related information from 2008 so far.

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Rick Astley3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

Wtf? So slow..

Edit: Nvm.

Angelitos3872d ago

Best RPG hands down will be FF13

v1c1ous3872d ago

can you tell me next week's numbers?

TheDeadMetalhead3872d ago

lol try 29, 30, 16, 4, 1, and 52 (if you win, I want half)

chaosatom3333872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

it will be the best RPG, make no doubt.

Look at FF7, 8, 9, 10, 12.
12 revolutionized combat system for rpgs by its gamet system.

v1c1ous3872d ago

they were pretty great.

and ff12 did revolutionize rpg combat systems.

too bad it didn't pack in some fun in the story. and yes, i can say that ff12 brought down my expectations for ff13 by a LOT. i thank squeenix for it, because it made me a less fickle gamer.

Max Power3872d ago

i hope 13 doesn't have 12 gambit systems, i would like to play the game this time instead of just making the character run from battle to battle.

KillaManiac3872d ago

I agree with Max 100%...the Gambit system was was just made for ULTRA lazy RPGers who didn't want to control more than 1 character.

Xlll3872d ago

Actually 12 played almost just like 11 does.

ice_prophecy3872d ago

Vicious u silly person!

he said:

"Best RPG hands down will be FF13 "

At no point did he say it is. He is making a conjecture based on his opinion. The defining word in question here is 'Will'.


xionpunk3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

@ killamaniac
"I agree with Max 100%...the Gambit system was was just made for ULTRA lazy RPGers who didn't want to control more than 1 character."

I see what you mean but the system worked great, was speedy and still fun. I loved the game, and hope FFXiii has a similar battle system.

Prototype3872d ago

I HATED 12, it was basically an off line version of 11 without Taru's, and Galka. If 13 is garbage I will lose all faith in Square and boycott all future games they produce; ever since they merged with Enix I have yet to play a decent game that was made from the ground-up (the remake of Xenogears and Final Fantasy Anthologies did make my day).

E3 better have something decent I would hate to boycott the company that produced Chrono Trigger.

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Angelitos3872d ago

The fixme dvd player cant handle FF13 and FF13 Verses :)

name3872d ago

I used to be more hyped for versus, but now I'm leaning more towards FF13. The futuristic beauty is really appealing. And lightning is all super hawt and stuff.

Max Power3872d ago

are linked in some way. Hopefully that would be made to light at this years E3 along with "the prince's" actual name. Possibly "Thunder"

KillaManiac3872d ago

Everytime I watch both trailers though, the Music on Versus wins so at the moment Versus13 > FF13.

darkshiz3872d ago

So it's pretty much Square Enix is holding information from the public not Nomura.

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The story is too old to be commented.